Boutique hotels are great for a weekend getaway. They offer various benefits which differentiate them from a big chain of hotels. They are much smaller than regular hotels. However, they are luxurious and offer an amazing experience. 

So, here are some benefits of booking a room in any Costa Rica boutique hotel


These types of hotels are special as they have such unique designs and styles. The vibe in boutique hotels is unique and fun. You cannot get such experience in a larger hotel chain. Larger hotel chains are focused on marketing more than these hotels. Boutique hotels focus more on the unique experience of the customer. 

Moreover, you will thank yourself for booking a room in one of these as it will be a stay like never before. 

Private Atmosphere

There are a very limited number of rooms in a boutique hotel. The sole focus of the hotel is usually on customer experience and aesthetics of the hotel. The lobby, rooms and halls would be more intimate than crowded hotels. You would enjoy your stay in a more private and relaxing atmosphere as there will be almost no hustle and bustle in these hotels. 

However, if you want to socialize a bit, you can consider some famous options which are booked quite often. 

Personalized Experience

Many people complain about the staff that they do not attend to the guests properly. In larger chains, there are so many people to serve that the staff can make mistakes a few times. However, in boutique hotels, you will not face this problem. The staff in these hotels is dedicated and trained to provide guests with personalized service. 

Exceptional service is something that boutique hotels can provide due to their comparatively smaller staff-to-guest ratio. 

Excellent Work On Minute Details

Due to the fact that boutique hotels are quite small, they tend to pay great attention to small details. For instance, the design of the lobby and bathrooms, the convenience of the rooms and even the quality of beds. All of these things would be professionally checked and approved by higher authorities to give their customers a better experience. 

Cultural Experience 

Most boutique hotels are situated in unique or historic buildings. They usually offer local street food, drinks and other stuff. You can truly immerse yourself in the local activities and culture of the destination. This is a plus point because many people do not ever get a chance to experience a place as locals. 

Moreover, the other guests staying at the boutique hotel can give you company too while you experience a whole new side of the world. 


At the end of the day, boutique hotels are a great choice as they are unique and offer more than expected. You will surely enjoy your stay in a boutique hotel due to the benefits mentioned above and many other pros. 

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