Read about the Top 7 Things to Do in Botswana in this article. A vibrant tribal culture and breathtaking desert landscapes can be found in this landlocked country in southern Africa. Large open deserts, forested areas, and one of Africa’s most beautiful wetlands are among its diverse landscapes. There are many miles of breathtaking national parks, sparkling streams, and amazing wildlife. If you want to visit Botswana, there are lots of things to do. Check out this list of the top sights and things to do in Botswana to get you started.

Here are 7 Things to do in Botswana


This is the best location in Botswana to see elephants. They wander around this national park in their hundreds, stopping for drinks or taking baths in the water. In addition to grassy plains and woods, the park has many watering holes. Huge crocodiles and submerged hippos can be seen in the canals. Visitors can also see roaming wild animals like giraffes, puku antelope, and wild dogs. The local birdlife is also truly incredible. Numerous bird watchers visit the area, particularly in November. Birdwatchers frequently see African Skimmers, Pel’s Fishing Owls, and Fish Eagles.


It is the main tourist attraction in Botswana and acts as a gateway to the Okavango Delta. It offers everything you need to explore the country, from campervans and tour guides to pilots and adventurers. There is a good selection of restaurants and cafes in addition to lovely riverbank views. Visitors can go shopping or enjoy the nightlife in the area. If you need a base, Maun is a great place to arrange tours and safari drives. You’re planning a trip right away, keep in mind that things are evolving.  If you want to go somewhere right now, remember that the world is changing . So travel the world, book a Botswana trip or to any other country like  South Africa . Live your best life today.

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The second-largest city in Botswana has plenty of places to eat and stay when you first arrive in the country. At a number of great supermarkets, you can prepare a meal before going to the reserves. Additionally, it has a thriving nightlife where you can drink and socialise with both locals and tourists. There isn’t much else to do, but it makes a great home base for exploring Botswana’s surroundings. If you do choose to stay for a while, make sure to check out the Supa Ngwao Museum, which is stuffed with details about the history and culture of the area. Additionally nearby is Tachila Nature Reserve, where you can get a quieter view of Botswana’s natural landscape.


These salt pans are among the most beautiful spots in Botswana. They are close to the Okavango Delta and separated by vast desert swaths. They cover an area of about 6,000 square miles, where there used to be a sizable lake. For the majority of the year, they are covered in a salty, dry layer. However, grass and water do occasionally invade. At this point, the land develops into a sanctuary for wildlife and birds. Tourists can view zebra and the predators that prey on them from December to April. A fantastic option for those seeking adventure is quad biking in the salt pans.


This well-known delta is dry for the majority of the year. However, it completely floods each year, bringing in a wide range of animals. The life cycle of the delta was initiated by the water, which extended over a thousand kilometres. Additionally, the Moremi Game Reserve, where visitors can go on safari, is located on a portion of the delta. Sightings of lion, leopard, rhino, and giraffe are common. Here, it’s common to go on a tour in a dugout canoe while dodging elephants, crocodiles, and hippos.


This region contains numerous woodland habitats as well as ancient floodplains. The Selinda Spillway, which connects to the Okavango, and the Savute Channel, which was once dry but is now teeming with water, are its two most notable features. Additionally, the Linyanti is well known for its mopane woodland, riparian forest, and floodplains. This is another favourite area for elephants to roam. Visitors may also see the wild dog, zebra, giraffe, wildebeest, and roan. This is the ideal location for a safari.


The landscape in this area is reminiscent of an African safari. There are tall sand dunes and rows of baobab trees. Some people assert that this is one of the best places in Botswana for safaris. When there are floods, visitors can see larger game animals and birds in addition to the enormous salt pans. Once the grasslands take hold, there are numerous zebra and wildebeest in the area. Due to its proximity to the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park, it is a simple stop for the majority of Botswana tours.