Kumara Parvatha, one of Karnataka’s most difficult treks is a well-known trek near Bengaluru. Because of the difficulty terrain and the long journey to the summit and back, Kumara Parvatha should only be chosen by experienced hikers.

One of the most difficult treks in the country is Kumara Parvatha (also known as Pushpagiri). It is not only the highest mountain in Pushpagiri Nature reserve, but it also ranks as the fourth tallest in Karnataka. It rises to 1,712 metres. It is located just behind the border between Kodagu District and Dakshina Kannada.

Shesha Parvatha

The trail passes by two peaks. At 5,600 feet, Shesh Parvatha (the smaller one) and Kumara Parvatha (the taller one), stand. It is also believed that Silvery-white Parvatha, the neighbor, is a protector of Kukke monastery’s base.

The trek was characterized by cloudy and pleasant weather. Although two of the three boulders were difficult for our Nomadic tribes, they enjoyed how thrilling it was to climb them. Read Also more about car rent please click : Car rental Hyderabad

All year, we eagerly await the trek to the Ghats. Due to the mild weather, s are recommended for December and December. The weather was perfect for this time of year. It was warm and cloudy.

It is amazing how peaceful the tree can be when you are interacting with it while on the road. The trail was home to three beautiful snakes, including one stunning cobra and bison shoeprints. It was thrilling and exciting. This trail is as wild as it gets. The notable exception to trekking trails like Tadiyandmol and Kurinjal, Kote Betta and Ettina Bhuja are not included.

Get extensive information about the Kumara Parvatha Trek

Sometimes, a place may be well-known because of its most well-known trek. Maharashtra is very favorable for Kalsubai Peak, just as Karnataka for Krishna Parvatha is, in the same manner that Uttarakhand is often supposed to be. It rises from a low altitude to Step over there summit at 5,600ft, making Kumara Parvatha the standard trek. It leads to Kumara Parvatha in Coorg, which is the second highest summit in Karnataka. Parvatha is also known as Kumara Pushpagiri. Its dense forest areas, volcanic cone rocks and abundant flora & fauna make Journey an unforgettable experience.

When is the best time to travel?

Winter is the best season to go trekking. The stream will continue running through the forest after the monsoon and carrying the monsoon rains. However, the rocks appear to be almost dry in winter and fall, making them less dangerous. Because the trail becomes muddy and slippery in the monsoons it is difficult to descend, October-January is the best time to hike Kumara Parvatha. The winter in South India is pleasant with thick fog and a sombre haze that covers the trails and woods. The fall and winter are the best times to see the neighboring Ghats. Hiking is impossible because the summers can be so hot and dry. In the warmer months, wildfires can be seen in the nature reserve. Read Also to know more about the: car rental india service

By Air: Mangalore Airport is located 150 km from Kukke Subramanya.

There are two stations closest to Kumara Parvatha: those in Mysore (or Hassan). You can board the Hubli, Karwar or Bangalore-Mysore Convey. Subramanya Road, a similar to Kukke Subramanya’s rail station, is 12 km away.

By Road: This is the most practical way to leave Coorg. You will need to travel through Bangalore overnight to reach Kukke Subramanya Wildlife Sanctuary. KSRTC buses also travel to Kukke Subramanya Temple in Mangalore and Bangalore.

Tips for trekking safely

Two litres of liquid or more are recommended. Keep your water bottle close by and drink for at least 15 mins. The humidity can quickly lead to dehydration. This exercise will keep you hydrated and replenish any water lost through sweat.

On the second day of Shesha Parvatha, as well as Kumara Parvatha, there is no forest cover. This exposes the reader from the start of the trek to the return to forest office. To protect yourself from the sun’s heat, solar caps are required.