Goa for the New Year? Bring your suitcase and dancing shoes because it’s time to party! Here are some of the best places in Goa that celebrate the New Year with pomp and gaiety. From exclusive beach parties to raves and more, here’s everything you need to know about where to party at Goa new year party. You can confirm your seat for this new year party by banbanjara travels.

How To Reach Goa?

You have many modes of transport to reach Goa from other major cities across India. You can choose to take an air-conditioned bus or a train, depending on your budget and mode of travel. The most convenient option is by air. There are more than 20 flights to Goa every day, so getting here is fast and affordable. The airport is a 30-minute drive from north Goa’s main city, Mapusa.

Where To Go In North Goa

North Goa has a reputation of being perfect in every way, and it definitely lives up to that reputation. It’s home to some of India’s finest beaches. It’s where you go if you’re looking for an experience, as opposed to just somewhere nice to hang out. If you’re planning on going there during New Year’s Eve, here are some places that are bound to impress Looking for Goan party places? The first place we recommend is Don Rua Beach Club . With its beachside location, relaxed atmosphere and food (both Indian and international), Don Rua is one of those destinations that feels like your second home after only one visit. What’s more? Their NYE packages start at INR 3500/- per person which includes welcome drink & snacks on arrival; BBQ Dinner; Mocktails & Sangrias from 8pm-10pm; Live music from 10pm-12am; Midnight countdown with fireworks display; Buffet breakfast on 1st January 2018. While their price may seem steep at first glance, once you see what they have to offer, we’re sure you won’t be complaining!

Where To Go In South Goa

While all of South Goa will have something happening, Arpora and Baga are where all of the action is concentrated. While it’s possible that you could meet up with friends at any one of these places, there are certain events and times of year when your odds might be better than others. The best time to go is during winter (especially December), as almost every night offers something worth going out for. Be sure not to arrive on December 31st or January 1st, however—the town’s population doubles in size due to an influx of tourists traveling from nearby Mumbai (Bombay). If you want a more quiet experience, visit in February or March.

Best place new year party

Now that we’ve established where not to go, let’s focus on just which cities and towns are best suited for those looking forward to a great new year party in Goa. First off, let’s talk about Panjim (Panaji). Like most major Indian cities, Panjim hosts its fair share of New Year parties and gala events. However, depending on your personal tastes and preferences, you may find yourself more or less at home here. As our tourism agency is based in Panjim, many of our clients choose one of these hotels based solely on location alone – though it must be said that we have never had an unhappy client who booked through us.

Where To Go In Central And Old City

There are some excellent music venues located in Central Mumbai, which are great places to go for those who want a more traditional experience. Bombay Dyeing, Cornerstone Bar and Lounge, Highway Gomantak and People Republic are all good options. All of these venues will host their own celebrations from midnight until 4am or so—come on out and sing along with them as they bring in 2016! You may also be interested in checking out some of Mumbai’s elite hotel lounges; Hotels like Sofitel (Fort), The Taj Mahal Palace (Colaba), Ritz Carlton (Churchgate) and JW Marriott (Juhu) all have notable rooftop bars where you can enjoy an evening under the stars while you toast to another year.

Other Places To Visit For A Traditional New Year Party

One of India’s best New Year parties is in Kerala, although it has nothing at all to do with where you live. If you want your fireworks fixed, head to Trivandrum in January. The capital of Kerala is hosting its own Harbour Festival between 31 December and 1 January with an Indian water puppet show, games and dance performances. Not just that, there are also light and sound shows as well as laser shows every evening! Before we talk about things to do in Goa we should probably tell you why people go there.

Close By Destinations Worth Considering

If you’re traveling to Goa, it’s likely that many of your friends and acquaintances will want to visit. While most people know about Goa’s vast sandy beaches, they might not know where you should go during specific times of year. With so many different spots on offer and limited time in your vacation schedule, it can be hard knowing where exactly you should head when going out with family or friends at your party. To help you make sense of it all, here are some destinations worth considering