Rupin Pass Trek:

Every trekker has a dream to experience the adventurous and explore the most scenic nature at the same time. The Rupin Pass Trek provides both at the same time. So, without any delay let’s explore it and also try to figure out why it’s so can also visit Sar Pass Trek.


Almost 75% of the trek is located in Himachal whereas it starts from the place called Dhaula which is located in Uttarakhand and ends at the place called Sangla which is in Himachal. It is located at an elevation of about 4650 metres above sea level.

How to reach:

There are many ways to reach Rupin Trek. One can use any of the transports to reach the Trek based upon their comfort. Let’s look into it and figure out which type of Transport suits you.

By Train: You can reach Shimla by taking Kalka express

By Air: From there, go to Shimla airport which is known as Jubbarhatti

By Road: After landing, you can take govt buses for reaching the destination spotach 

Highlights of Rupin Pass Trek:

There are lots of things which make Rupin Pass Trek one of the most famous treks to explore so let’s look upon it. It is an eye feast for nature lovers. There are lots of amazing places to explore like hanging village which is called Jhaka village, it’s so called due to it’s located at the edge of a mountain range. Snow bridges, dense forests and many amazing waterfalls. So, by reading this one can understand why this place is admired so much and no nature lover misses this place. As this place can be called as heaven on the earth. So, without any delay add Rupin Pass Trek in your bucket list.

Rupin Pass Trek in Summer:

If watching snow is your first priority, Then you need to visit Rupin Pass Trek during May end to post June. You can witness Rhododendrons flowers during the summer. These flowers bloom only during summer. Morning time, the snow fades away but during the night it freezes back again.

During this time one can experience heavy snow.So, it’s advisable to carry microspikes/anti-slip grips.

Rupin Pass Trek in Autumn or Post monsoon:

Post monsoon starts from late september to early october.

During this time the nature in Rupin valley is snow free and one can experience a clear sky. One can experience greener meadows. There are plenty of wildflowers one can witness during their trekking. One of the famous flowers called Brahma Kamal bloom during this time.

One can experience the early snowing or want to experience the fresh snow during the early month of october.

Number of days will be taken to complete the trek:

 It takes approximately 8-9 days to complete this trek. Every day one needs to walk about 6-8 km to reach the destination spot. While trekking one can experience the above mentioned places for sightseeing.

Day-1: Normally people start from Dehradun. From there, they reach Dhaula. It takes almost 10-11 hours. 

Day-2: It takes almost 6 hours to reach Sewa. It is considered moderate trekking.

Day-3: Then to reach Jiskun it takes 5-6 hours

Day-4: From Jiskun to Udankal, it takes almost 5 hours

Day-5: To reach Dhanderas, it takes almost 5 hours

Day-6: To reach Upper Waterfall, it takes almost 3 hours

Day-7: To reach Rupin pheri, it takes almost 10-11 hoursach Rupin Pheri, it takes almost 10 hours

Day-8: To reach Sangla, it takes almost 6 hours to complete

So, by this one can understand the difficulty level one has to face during this trek and also the amount of stamina one needs to have so that they keep on trekking for long hours. 

Difficulty level in this trekking: 

The difficulty level ranges from moderate to difficult as it contains many slant mountains to climb. It is suggested for the experienced people whereas the beginners are advised but they have to prepare before this trekking. This trekking requires lots of strength and energy because one has to cover almost 11-15 km per day as it takes almost 6-7 hours. So, the people with experience are appreciable. 

Challenges one face during this trek:

One has to prepare well for this trek. Walking 10km per day and doing little exercise like push ups and yoga are appreciable.

Budget of Rupin Pass Trek:

It almost takes 18k per person to cover Rupin Pass Trek. For staying almost 8 days with budget can be considered as the budget friendly.