Kedarnath helicopter services have already begun, and if you want to book a trip to Kedarnath by helicopter in 2022, you may do so with LIH, which is known as one of the best travel agents in India for Chardham Yatra.

The most noteworthy aspects of this Helicopter Booking for Kedarnath and the Luxurious Services. Kedarnath, which is located in the Rudraprayag region of Uttrakhand at an elevation of 11,755 metres above sea level, is one of the most important holy pilgrimages associated with Lord Shiva. In the midst of snow-capped mountains and glaciers, the holy site of Kedarnath is considered to be one of the most important of the five Dhams that make up the Panchkedar.

Kedarnath temple from Gauri Kund

The Kedarnath Yatra is a pilgrimage that takes place between these imposing mountain peaks and the source of the Mandakini River. It is guaranteed to bring you a great deal of joy. However, the journey to Kedarnath may be exhausting, and getting to the temple at Kedarnath can be difficult due to the rough terrain and the limited pathways that run between the mountains. To go to the Kedarnath temple from Gauri Kund, you have to travel a distance of 18 kilometres.

To the satisfaction of everyone, the tourist department of Uttarakhand has launched an internet platform via which tickets for a chopper service to Kedarnath may be purchased. Now, interested pilgrims will be able to take use of services offered by approved heli firms in order to fly to Kedarnath in order to complete the yatra.

After its August launch, the online booking service has been met with an exceptionally enthusiastic reception. According to reports, more than one thousand pilgrims utilised the internet to book the helicopter service. Beginning September 1, 2019, and continuing forward, the next phase of the helicopter services will get underway.

According to Dilip Jawalkar, the Chief Executive Officer of UCADA (Uttarakhand Civil Aviation Development Authority and Tourism), this new online platform would add transparency to the process while also helping to eliminate instances of corruption. In addition, he said that although the remaining 30 percent of the tickets would be available for buying on the spot, the remaining 70 percent of the seats will be bookable online. Phata and Guptkashi both have offline booking centres that have been established in order to make the offline booking procedure as easy and convenient as possible.

In the past, individual airlines would let customers buy tickets via their own websites. This year, the problem of selling tickets to those who didn’t have them came up again towards the beginning of the yatra. It was discovered that a number of lawsuits had been filed against the private aircraft businesses who offered their services to the shrine. There were as many as seven complaints filed against aviation firms and individuals suspected of acting as agents. With the assistance of the web portal, problems of this kind would be simple to address. Additionally, it will make it easier for pilgrims to reserve Helicopter Booking Online, which will be a convenient addition.

Helicopter ride up to Kedarnath

There is no road that leads to the temple, therefore the only way to get there is by embarking on a strenuous 18-kilometer-long hike that goes in an upward direction and begins in Gaurikund. A visit to the hallowed temple at Kedarnath, which is considered to be one of the holiest destinations for Hindu pilgrims, was formerly seen as nothing less than a significant achievement for those who were spiritually inclined.

However, because to the daily helicopter service that departs from the helipad in Phata hamlet in Kedarnath, what was formerly a difficult trek is now far easier to complete. From the municipality of Agustmuni in Rudraprayag, there are also helicopter services provided by a few different companies.

Since there is a helicopter service that departs from Phata and Agustmuni helipads at regular intervals, devotees are able to visit the Kedarnath temple and make their way back the same day.

Several tour firms use helicopters as part of their transportation offerings

Give yourself the opportunity of a lifetime by seeing the stunning aerial view of the Kedarnath Dham and being lost in the grandeur of the area. Helicopter services provided by Guptkashi Kedarnath: Give yourself the opportunity of a lifetime and see the breathtaking aerial view of the Kedarnath Dham while getting lost in its beauty with our Kedarnath Helicopter service, which we have been offering for a number of years now. Bookings are now being taken for the Kedarnath Yatra by Helicopter from Guptkashi in 2022.

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