Up till Gauri Kund, there is a road that may be driven on that leads to Kedarnath. The temple can only be reached by a strenuous 18-kilometer walk that begins in Helicopter Gaurikund To Kedarnath ji Darshan may now be accomplish by means of daily Heli Services for Kedarnath from Guptkashi, Phata, and Shersi, flying at a brief interval of time every day. This is wonderful news for the pilgrims who are making the journey.

The Kedarnath Service has been restart by a number of helicopter and charter firms in preparation for the Char Dham Yatra 2022, and pilgrims may now buy their tickets online in advance to take advantage of this.

Those who prefer to worship at the Kedarnath temple may do so and return to Phata on the same day, or they can choose to stay overnight and go back the next day by helicopter if they wish to extend their stay.

Kedarnath One of the Most Popular Tourist Destinations in India

Kedarnath Helicopter services are ideal for the elderly individuals who are unable to travel the lengthy walk route because of their age. There are a lot of people like this.

These helicopter services have quickly emerge as the means of transportation of choice for a significant number of pilgrims who do not want to go on land. This route is use by tens of thousands of pilgrims and tourists every year, making Kedarnath one of the most popular tourist destinations in India.

Every year, the Uttarakhand Civil Aviation Development Authority (UCADA) announces dates for the opening of tenders for firms who provide helicopter services and are interest in offering such services along the Char Dham Yatra routes in Uttarakhand. UCADA will provide information about tenders on their website.

We are able to provide private helicopter services. The most convenient and elegant way to get to and from Kedarnath is to make online reservations for a helicopter ride there.

Because our helipad is immediately link with the major roadways, you won’t have to worry about being block in by other cars and will have an easier time getting there.

We give daily services to our devotees, and on your booking card, we will provide all relevant information, such as the location of the helipad, 

Conditions Applicable To Tours Conduct By Helicopter

  • The traveller should not bring baggage that weighs more than 2 kg with them. The helicopter would not be able to accommodate any bags that had an excessively large capacity.
  • Every youngster older than two is require to get a complete ticket.
  • Do not mix the time that you are require to report with the time that you must leave. The time to report is one hour before the schedule departure.
  • There is neither a restriction nor a concession made for people of senior age or minors.
  • The customer is responsible for covering the cost of any additional nights that are require due to inclement weather.
  • Due to the possibility of inclement weather, our services have the right to delay the scheduled departure time.
  • Preferences would be given to older persons and those with disabilities.
  • The traveller is grante a time of one hour and thirty minutes for drashan.
  • We are unable to take responsibility for your belongings while you are travelling by helicopter.
  • If you choose to take any shortcuts while on one of our treks, you do so at your own risk.

It was decide that every single Endeavour would have the capability of housing passengers in their respective groups.

Important Reminder: Passengers are responsible for their own transportation in the event that their flight is either cancel or postpon because of inclement weather, technical difficulties, a low passenger count, or for any other reason.

In accordance with the terms of your package, a complete refund would be issue. If you have any problems with the four-temple tour by helicopter services, simply give us a call at our support line, and our pros will answer your problems immediately.

After you have made your reservation for the Helicopter Booking for Kedarnath helicopter services. We provide the finest services possible to ensure that you are able to travel in style and comfort at all times.

In order to fulfil the ever-increasing demands and expectations of our clientele, we have immerse ourselves in the business of providing the greatest helicopter services.

 Our specialists keep in regular contact with our clients, and we rent out helicopters to them according to the package that they have purchase from us, and we charge reasonable prices for these services.

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