Kudremukh trekking is one of the most popular in Karnataka. It is located at 6207 feet, which is the third highest point in Karnataka’s national reserve forest. The district of Chikmagalur in Karnataka is home to kudremukh. It is approximately 280km from Bangalore. You will travel through dense forests, streams, and green meadows to reach the horse face peak. It is a breathtaking view from the top. 

It is breathtaking to see the rolling of the grasslands on top of each other, the misty valley, or the forests. It is a green carpet, no matter how far you look. Kudremukh trekking is located 96km from Chikmagalur district. It is home to the 600-square-kilometre national reserve forest. This area is the second largest in western Ghat. You can see deer, leopards and even peacocks. This is where you will find the best of nature. It takes 22km to reach the summit and back. This trek can be completed in one day. Return by 6 p.m. in the evening. you may need to know about avis

The horse’s face

Kannada’s meaning of kudremukh is “the horse’s face”. Kudremukh Peak is named after the peak that resembles the horse’s head. After an hour of trekking, you will see the horse-face peak when you escape from the forest. After baba budangri and mullayanagiri, Kudremukh is the third-largest peak.

You will be picked up at Bangalore from four locations and driven to Chikmagalur district, the base camp for the Kudremukh Trek. It will take you an overnight trip. By the dawn, you’ll be settled in your camp and eating breakfast. The forest office is where the trek begins. You will enter the Shola forest as soon as the trek begins.


This is the only route to the Kudremukh peak and the shola forests. The first section of the trek will take you through the Shola forest. It will be thrilling. You can hear the sounds of somawathi waterfalls as you enter the shola forests. If you return to the trail early, you will be able to visit the falls. Continue trekking into the forest to see many wildlife species, including leopard, lion-tailed Macaque, giant squirrel, deer and many more. These small streams are fascinating. They can be found every few minutes and the water is fresh so you can refill your water bottles with them. Crossing them can cause your shoes to get wet so be ready for that. These water streams can be slippery so make sure you have a pole. However, the rocks where water flows are very slippery.


After escaping from shola. You will be welcomed by the grasslands in the rolling meadows or misty valleys. It will be difficult as the final section is steep. Because you’re higher in these meadows, the view of the valley is more apparent. You will feel relaxed and enchanted by the view. You will be rewarded for looking at the stunning 270-degree view as you roll down the hill.

Returning to the base camp, please ensure you arrive before 6 pm. This is according to the forest office instructions. Enjoy the meal in your camp or guesthouse. Singing beside the bonfire. You may take a shower during your nightly homestay. You can rest assured that you will soon be visiting the nearby waterfall the next day. Enjoy breakfast and have fun. You will depart for Bangalore at 2pm on this amazing weekend. Read Also more about car rent please click : Car rental Jaipur


  • Good trekking shoes are essential as the hike can be strenuous and you will need to cross small streams.
  • You can also carry a pole, or find one in the jungle. Only 50 people are allowed to go so get to the forest office early in the morning.
  • This trek can be done at any time throughout the year.
  • Kudremukh has a pleasant climate throughout the year.
  • Monsoons are the best time to enjoy the best weather.

It’s a paradise for those who love to wanderlust. Kudremukh Trek is the ideal place to spend your weekend. Read Also more about car rent please click : Car rental pune