When considering how to ship your car across Canada or the US, you need to decide whether to use open or closed-car shipping texas. At TFX international we provide sealed consignments for all makes, styles, and sizes of cars. Our goal is to defend your vehicle and ship it to you in the same condition as it is given to us. To do this, your car or bike must be protected from the elements and the possibility of damage inside the cargo method.

Open transportation of cars

An open van is a car transporter that you usually see on a toll road. It can be anywhere between seventy-five to 80 feet long with a step trailer that pulls the cars in the open. There are no sides or roofs on this trailer to expose it to the elements and damage it. Chains are used to tie down the wagons now with fine straps.

Things to keep in mind:

Cars are always exposed to weather, stones, and various factors
Little protection from street debris
It’s not cozy when you’re parking on a single day or at a certain stage of pit stops
The car is likely to be pushed onto ramps, creating a risk of damage to the undercarriage and transmission
You cannot deliver non-running cars
You cannot place personal items in the car
Bicycles cannot be transported

Potential benefits:

A less luxurious alternative
Transportation by closed vehicle
With closed transport, your vehicle will be completely Enclosed Car Transport Maine inside a substantial trailer with four sides and a roof. This approach is miles safer and more convenient for delivery, regardless of the length of the journey required.


Ideal for noticeably prized engines, antiques, low-riding engines, luxury cars, or engines headed for a car show
The highest level of security and safety
Protects against particles, wind, weather, hail, and any damage that can occur from the factors at the same time as on the street
The car is lifted into the truck using the hydraulic tailgate system, so you can avoid possible damage
Ramps are not used for loading, so there is no chafing on low cars

Bikes can be transported

Engines without carriages can be transported
You can put non-public items in the car along with the mounting equipment for driving a motorcycle on a motorcycle
Ideally, if you are transporting an antique, expensive or rare car, you must choose an enclosed trailer. Enclosed trailers protect the integrity of your car and protect you from damage from the elements and flying debris that can be a giveaway on the highway.