You should add Gokarna beach trip to your bucket list of passages, If regular trekking is too main- aqueduct for you and you want to witness the exhilaration of traveling with a difference. Gokarna is a small temple megacity in Karnataka which is popular for the Mahabaleswar Shiva temple located in the main Gokarna megacity. 

 Gokarna has several beaches and the trip route is popularly known as the “ Golden Route “. The trail will be walking on the beach sand by the side of the rocky hills on one side and the far stretching Arabian Sea on the other side. The route will pass through several beaches starting with Kudle beach, also on to the further popular On beach which is in the shape of OM and sees travelers spending longer hours. You also move on to farther rocky hills and reach a partial Moon shaped beach or crescent beach. The walk over to the paradise beach is fairly delicate as the route is full of rocky hillocks. 

 Reasons to visit Gokarna 

  1. Still, it should be in Kudle/ Gokarna beaches, If you really want to witness a magical evening. Because only these beaches face the west direction. 
  1. The whole trip is a day trip and after the sun sets it’s not recommended to still wander in the insulated beaches. Follow this trail so that you can cover the farther beaches first and relax near the popular beaches for evening

Places to visit 

 Belekan Beach- initial Point of Gokarna Beach Trek 

 Belekan beach is a peaceful beach where you can just relax at the underpinning or go on a boat lift and enjoy the views around. On this beach, you have a cliff diving spot where you basically dive into water from a height of 14 bases, anyhow to say it’s safe with venturesome. So we jump from the sky and dive into the salty ocean literally! Once you start tasting like a salty fish, you are ready for the trip. You have to travel through the timberland about 1.5 kilometers to reach the coming beach. This trail is truly nice to walk and is truly easy to complete. Going through this trail you find verdure, each around can enjoy the silence of the jungle. 

 Paradise Beach – The swish beach to Camp 

 Breaking the silence of the Jungle comes Paradise Beach with some huge swells. Once you reach Paradise beach you will find people with tents boarding there and reposing in the sun. You can also relax a bit, but the trip has just started. So you need to move ahead. You can capture miraculous clicks with the blue ocean and with that we can head to the coming beach. 

Half Moon Beach 

 After Paradise beach, the coming stop is at Half- moon beach. It’s a half- moon shaped beach girdled by the lush green leafage stretching along the beach. You can do multitudinous delightful exertion like swimming, playing volleyball or just relax and see the swells dancing. AfterRe-energizing, prepare yourself for the amazing beach which is just a cliff ahead. 

Om Beach – The Om shaped beach 

 From the half Moon beach, you will climb and cross a huge cliff to reach Om Beach. Once you reach the top of the cliff, take a moment and have a look at the ocean. If you are lucky you may encounter dolphins jumping in and out of the ocean. This is the dolphin point. After having a look at the dolphins get down the cliff precisely and you are also at the Om beach. 

 Kudle Beach – A Sunset point 

 Traveling from the Om beach to Kudle beach, again you need to go through a small timber which has a proper laid out path. It’s the biggest beach in Gokarna. It’s also the spot where utmost strangers visit. Enjoy the beautiful evening at the beach and click some amazing prints at the beach. 

 Gokarna Beach- Ending point of Gokarna Beach Trek 

 There are  small houses on the path between Kudle beach to Gokarna beach. You have to walk some distance to reach Gokarna beach. Winds also are a little strong, so you will be all covered with patches of beach. You can sit down with your buddies and just produce nice memories at Gokarna beach. As soon as you come out of the beach you will find a lot of shops where you can have good food and end the Gokarna Beach trip by filling your stomach with mouth- soddening food and head to your stay to rest. 

Effects to carry with you. 

  • Copy of your ID card 
  • Water Bottle 
  •  Torche with New Batteries 
  • touring Shoes with good soles on them. 
  • A cap 
  • Sunscreen 
  •  Sunglasses

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