There is no better way to spend a long weekend than hiking in the mountains and breathing fresh air that is hardly found in big cities. Most of us are stuck. If you are an avid nature lover or an adventurer looking for an escape after being trapped within the four walls of your home,  Dayara Bugyal is the perfect getaway for you. This 22km trek is ideal for both beginners and experienced hikers. This 22 km trek is very rewarding as you will see the most prominent peaks of the great Himalayan ranges like  Gangotri Range, Black Peak, Bhgirath Range, Bandarpoonchi Range, etc. 

On this journey from Delhi on a long weekend getaway, our first pit stop and the starting point of our journey is the village of Raithali, a peaceful village nestled amongst rich foliage that instantly lifts your spirits. The next day we pass through oak forests to reach our campsite in Chelapada, where we spend a quiet night listening to the rustling song of bugyal leaves. The next day we start our trek to Dayara Bugyal where we spend time looking at the views from over 11,000 feet high and experience the excitement that runs through your veins and makes you feel like you are on cloud nine. 

The best time to do the Dayara Bugyal trek, especially for snow lovers is from December to March. The best part is that this walk can easily be done over a long weekend, so it might be the perfect time to do it since you don’t have to miss college or work. We highly recommend this tour as it is a package of everything good and an experience not to be missed. 

The breathtaking Alpinite of Dayara Bugyal dominates its magnificent Himalayan neighbors like Bandarpoonch, Kala Nag, Shrikhand Mahadev, Srikanth Peak, and Gangotri at an astonishing height of 12,000 feet. This hike is characterized by a rich carpet of native vegetation and dense maple and oak forests surrounded by misty valleys. Along the way, large meadows, alpine lakes, and flowing streams open up, lulling the senses with a sylvan symphony. The stunning meadows of Dayara Bugyal are  Himalayan and provide an ideal long weekend trip. Those who wander into this world of unspoiled beauty leave far more than they find. The alpine pastures of Uttarakhand are the heart of many of our spectacular treks in the region. These are the fertile grasses of the Bugyals, springing from the side of the mountains, where shepherds lead their flocks on summer days before the winter snows leave them empty. Dayara is a relatively lesser known Bugyal, accessible only by a short and steep trek from Uttarkashi, but at a high cost. 


Dayara means circular plot in the local language, reflecting its ring-shaped grass of  Bugyal, bordered by dark forests of oak and maple, and beyond the green line the glowing snow line of Bandarpoonchi and other mountain ranges. A winding walk through the rolling pastures of Dayara takes you out of the world of this green ecosystem, the whispering wilderness of oak forests, and somewhere in the distance, the breathtaking panorama of the peak gradually unfolds. On the way, you can spot Gangotri Peak, Srikanth Hill, Bandarpoonch, and Black Peak at various junctions. 

Another highlight of the trip comes on the fourth day when we climb up to 12,100 feet. From our Dayara campsite to Dayara Top. A ridge walk takes you to the confluence of many neighboring grasslands, such as the Giddara Bugyal. You will also find a decent road to Dodital, a freshwater lake that originates from the  Assi Ganges. The summer meadows of this region are full of yellow wildflowers. In all this paradisiacal bustle, the snowy thatched roof Bandarpoonch gives colorful impressions. From there, we walk down to Barsuu, a beautiful settlement that will be remembered for its silky flowing buckwheat and poppy fields. Before reaching the village, we stop at Barnala, a small crystal waterhole flanked by a  Nag Devata temple. The Dayara Bugyal Trek is a great choice for beginners, makes for a phantasmagorical photo shoot, and is a complete delight for nature explorers.

About Trek 

With fresh green grass in summer and vast meadows covered with snow in winter, Dayara Bugyal offers radiant beauty in every season. With stunning mountain views and sparkling water bodies along the way, Dayara Bugyal is one of the most mesmerizing treks in the Himalayas. The journey starts from Dehradun railway station where we take and from there we go to the base village of Nat. The beautiful river Bhagirathi accompanies us on our way. We spend the night in Natin and the next day the actual trek begins. The next day we go from Natin to  Gui campsite. It is an easy path that climbs gradually and sometimes you can see explosions of life in the forest when the rhododendrons bloom in spring and summer. Gangotri and Shrikanth peaks are prominently visible from the Gui campsite. After resting for a night in Gui, we go to Chilpada the next day. It is a very easy walk to Chilpada and you will mostly be walking through forest paths. Bandarpoonch is visible from the campsite. We will have a hot lunch in Chilpada and in the evening you will have enough time to walk around the campsite.