Ladakh has many natural treasures. But the Chadar Trek gift to this magical land is the most valuable. The “Chadar Trek” is a spectacular gorge that features frozen waterfalls and the Zanskar trail. It acts as a mirror to the sky. It is about survival and persistence – how to survive in harsh terrains with sub-zero temperatures. Interacting with locals and understanding their way of living, particularly in one of the most inhabited regions in the globe. Because of the primal excitement of being in caves and thinking about blazing bonfires under freezing temperatures, it is known as the “Do before You Die” tour.

It is a memorable experience to walk along frozen rivers with majestic mountains on either side. Although it is only 11.150 feet above sealevel, the Chadar Trek almost resembles a trip to the North Pole where temperatures can drop to -30 degrees. It is completely covered in ice from bottom to top. you may need to know about car on rent Service

Expectations :

Chadar Trek, a thrilling and daring winter hike over the Zanskar River, is one of the most spectacular and exciting on the blue planet. You may also see rare wildlife such as blue sheep, snow leopards and ibex in the harsh environment. This difficult trek offers a unique sense of fulfillment and joy for those who are able to complete it. The adventurers travel across stunning vistas and icy areas.

The Trek:

This beautiful hike can be found in Ladakh’s Leh region. The Chadar Trek is one of the most popular winter treks. It covers 62 km in eight cold days. It is also the longest trekking route in the Indian Himalayan area. Many trekkers make the Chadar Trek part of their daily lives. Ladakh is the beginning point for the journey to the Zanskar valley’s snow-covered settlements. The journey to the Zanskar valley is just as difficult as crossing this icy river. Chadar Trek is a popular choice for thrill-seekers because of its many amazing and out-of the-world sights. 

It also has the unique feature of having trekkers walk on thick ice that covers Zanskar River. You will see natural treasures such as frozen waterfalls, knee deep snow, and white sandy that is the peak of a cold desert like Ladakh. The trek starts with the Magnetic Hill, the Gurudwara Pathar Sahib. The Chadar Trek’s most distinctive feature is the ice Nerak waterfall. As the water falls from 56 feet high, it appears as though it is suspended in time. Read Also more about car rent please click : car rental kolkata

The Best Time to Visit:

From January to February, the Chadar trip is at its best. The best time to start this difficult walk is January through February, when the river turns into an enchanting sheet of ice. Nerak, which is the campsite with the lowest nighttime temperatures, will be the coldest. Layers and appropriate clothing are essential to protect against the bitter cold. If you arrive at the waterfall on time, there is a chance to visit the Nerak Village. You will need to drive 15-20 minutes to reach the waterfall, where you will be sleeping.

These are some places to visit:

Nerak Village

Nerak is the first settlement in the Zanskar region. It also serves as the trek’s base camp. The stunning sunset at Nerak is a must-see for any explorer. This area is a paradise for nature lovers. Nerak village residents have to trek 1.5 days across the mountains to reach Leh in summer. In winter they can get there via the Zanskar River. The only facilities available in the area are a basic health clinic, and a solar energy plant. To learn, the children go to Lingshed’s residential school before they move to Ladakh for their final coursework.

Nerak Waterfall

Continue on the 13km-long trail towards Nerak to reach the most famous landmark of the Chadar journey. The waterfall that has been frozen. It is a natural wonder that attracts hikers from all around the globe. Nerak Waterfall’s height is 56 feet. The blue color is indicative of a moving body of water behind the frozen figure. Because of the harsh climate, few trekkers are able to reach this spot. This journey is not without its challenges. Sometimes, the waterfall doesn’t freeze or the ice sheet isn’t formed. Hikers must climb the mountain in such cases.

Tilat Sumdo

Chadar Trek uses Tilat Sumdo as a campground. Sumdo is a Japanese word that means “the confluence”. A little brook joins the Zanskar at this spot. Tilat Sumdo offers stunning views of the Himalayan Range.

Shingra Koma

Shingra Koma is about 10 km from Tilat Sumdo. It’s a beautiful area with rustic beauty that captivates visitors. Shingra Koma offers unmatched serenity with a stunning view.


Tibb is a beautiful spot with a waterfall and a cave. Hikers can also stay the night in the Tibb Cave. The stunning views from Tibb’s sun-kissed mountains are spectacular.