It is imperative to go to the corner to have a break while the City of Dreamworlds hurries to keep up with the fast pace of contemporary life. Campgrounds close to Mumbai are a fantastic idea, particularly when you consider the best getaways. The list of 10 wonderful weekend getaways from Bombay that are perfect to spend a day having fun. They’re not that far away, and you’re not required to compromise your time off or reach their budget. They will, however, give you memorable caravanning and exploring experience that is completely peaceful and in the midst of nature.

You can try Kodachadri Trek, which is in bangalore.


Uttan is a laid-back local township for fishermen on the northern outskirts of Bombay and is regarded as Bombay’s best-kept secret. It feels a long way away from the lush tropical surroundings even though it is an integral component of the city.

Near Mumbai, Uttan is ideal for camping on a Saturday afternoon. Visit Uttan to live life under a blue and clear sky, savor the freshest seafood, enjoy live entertainment and take part in a variety of adventurous activities.

Dahisar East is located 17 kilometers far from Mumbai.

The most important attractions are swimming paintball, archery, and thumb wrestling

The Soundcloud page from U-Tan Resort is the most popular campground.


For example, Mumbai gobshites are familiar with the names Karnala Bird Sanctuary in addition to Karnala Bird Sanctuary Karnala Fort. Trips for campers near Mumbai are memorable due to the fort and shelter. One of the most memorable trips during the rainy season is near Maharashtra and Pune The hillocks are dotted with verdant grass and vegetation in the season of rain.

50 miles separate the two of you Mumbai.

Some of the most interesting sights include colorful birds that coo and screech along with an excursion to the famous Something that Fort.

The best campgrounds are: Big Red Tent and Letscampout


The best place to go for night camping near Mumbai is Vasind an idyllic and stunning town. Another spot to relax from the day-to-day worries and get to know others who have similar passions is right there. Vasind is an ideal spot for swimming, kayaking, and hiking along the forest trail.

Proximity to Bombay Distance from Bombay: 53 km

The stunning increase to Mahuli and the quiet mornings that are pin-drop quiet is a major attractions.

The most popular camping spot in the area is Big Red Tent.


For urban dwellers, Lake is like a refreshing breeze that revitalizes their spirits. Due to its proximity to Bombay and its easy access the lush green retreat is well-loved for camping weekends. Lonavala has a broad range of dining and lodging choices. It’s also an easy and enjoyable road trip from Mumbai.

From Mumbai, the distance is 66.5 kilometers.

Karla Caves, Lohagad Castle, and thrilling pursuits such as cascade free climbing and flying fox are the primary tourist attractions.

Letscampout as well as Rusticville Campers Ground are the best camping grounds.

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Another fantastic weekend trip in Mumbai is to Matheran which is a playing area for outdoor activities. Matheran is one of the top tourist spots close to Mumbai because of the lush greenery, small hills, and waterfall. Motor vehicles are not allowed to be allowed into the area to achieve an ecologically sustainable environment.

Between Neral to Matheran, the train set was once in operation. There’s currently no entertaining route to Matheran However, should the service return it is likely to be ended.

A distance of 80 km separates you from Mumbai.

The most important sights are Charlotte Body which is a body of water Each Tree Hill, and the trip along the Mini Blue Rail that provides stunning views of that of the Western Ghats.


Kolad is one of the most tranquil camping areas near Mumbai and is the preferred river rafting spot among Mumbai residents. The only noises that disrupt the peace of the beautiful hinterlands are the noises from the River Kundalika and the chirps of colorful birds. It’s one of the lesser-known places near Mumbai since even on weekends, there aren’t many people there.

It is a good idea to complete all of your texts and calls before checking in to ensure that signals do not follow you around.

The distance between you and 121 km in Mumbai.

Rafting in the Headwaters Kundalika or other types of scuba dives like boat trips on pineapples is the major draw.

Favorite vacation resort: Embolden Exercise Camps

Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat, another lush area for overnight stays close to Mumbai is located in the Central Highlands and is home to an array of animals and plants. A gentle breeze soothes the spirit of the agitated, and the drizzle and mist make an enchanting setting.

Waterbirds will be abounding as well as cuckoos and numerous other lively Owls when you visit Malshej Chhoti. It’s a great option if you’re searching for the perfect spot for camping in a tent near Mumbai.

127 miles distance you from Mumbai.