When you plan an online event, what is the one thing you are concerned about the most? Isn’t it how you are going to keep your audience hooked to the event? Well, several surveys and studies have shown that online event organizers are worried about attendee engagement during their online events. 

The reason audience engagement is a major concern in online events is the fact that first, audience engagement is a significant factor that decides the success of the events. And second, while it is easier to keep the audience hooked in case of offline events, the same gets challenging in online events. If the organizers wish to keep their audience hooked during their online event, they need to keep certain things in mind. Also, there are a few activities and tips they can follow in order to ensure maximum audience engagement. 

In this blog, we will talk about those activities and tips that you can keep in mind to maximize audience engagement during your next online event. 

1.Leverage a Suitable Event Hosting Platform

The first and the most important thing you need to keep in mind while planning your strategies to boost audience engagement during your next online event is selecting a suitable online event hosting platform. As an organizer, you need to understand that the platform you will choose for your event will play the most crucial role in determining everything about your event. It will define its success, execution, or failure. You cannot afford to go wrong with your platform. Also, the platform will be the venue your attendees will interact with each other, and hence, make sure you choose the best one. Select a webinar platform for your webinar that offers the best audience engagement tools. Also, ensure that it comes with effective networking tools. These tools will help the attendees in interacting with each other, sponsors, exhibitors, and even the organizers. 

Such tools will help them expand their personal and professional networking circles. And, it will add value to their event experience as well as life. 

2.Create Interactivity Feeds

We all know how significant of an impact social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others have in our lives. But we all know the popularity these platforms have gained is absolutely worth it. Social media platforms carry countless numbers of advantages and benefits. Hence, they can also help you in keeping your audience engaged during your next online event. There are several online event platforms that come with the activity feed functionality. It keeps the attendees engaged and gripped by online events. 

Interactivity Feeds enable the attendees to share their updates and joyful moments from online events. Also, other users can like and engage with these feeds in real-time. Not only is it a good idea to engage audiences from all over the world, but also an excellent idea to boost the reach of your online events. 

3. Leverage Polls

Conducting live polls is one of the simplest yet one of the most effective ideas to keep the audience hooked during online events. As we mentioned earlier, you should leverage webinar platforms that come with audience engagement tools. This is due to the fact that these tools will help make it easier for the audience to interact and engage in the event. Out of all those engagement tools, live polls are considered one of the best tools. This tool helps your attendees interact with the speakers. Also, it will help them share their feedback, and be a part of the event in real-time. One can leverage live polls in the form of star ratings or by asking the audience multiple-choice questions. 

4.Create Quizzes

Talking of the next audience engagement activity you should make use of during your next online event, you should create engaging quizzes for your audience. You can present the audience with questions on their screens. Also, show the right answers instantly so they can know if they have answered the questions correctly or not. The results are presented and showcased on the screen in real-time. The intent behind this is to see how knowledgeable the audience is. Also, use it during online events to see if the attendees need more clarity about certain topics or if everything is good to go. 

5.Breakout Sessions

Another effective way to boost audience engagement during a real-time online event is to conduct breakout sessions. These sessions help the organizers to divide the audience into smaller groups. Also, it will encourage them to interact and connect with each other. There are several online event hosting platforms that come with the breakout rooms functionality. You can divide the audience into groups based on their interests. It will ensure that the attendees have something in common. It would help them connect with each other in a better and more effective way. To make it more interesting, you can also swap the attendee after a certain period of time. It will help the attendees connect with more people in a single event. Also, it goes without saying that it is an excellent way to help attendees expand their personal and professional networks. 

Audience engagement is one of the most crucial and significant factors that would define the event’s success for you. Also, as we talked about it earlier, audience engagement was never an issue in the case of offline events. In fact, very few organizers would pay attention to this factor and take up measures to boost audience engagement during a physical event. However, audience engagement becomes a major issue in the case of online events. It is due to the fact that distraction has become a major issue. 

Hence, organizers need to take up a few measures, activities, and tips to ensure that the attendees don’t end up quitting the event altogether out of boredom. These tips will help them ensure a certain level of audience engagement throughout the event. We hope the tips we have shared in this blog will help you ensure a successful event. as well as constant audience engagement throughout the session. You can make use of any of these tips and host a successful event with a high audience engagement.