If you want to achieve extraordinary efficiency levels of workplace collaboration, document sharing, and content management with your employees, customers, partners, and vendors, nothing could beat the proficiencies of Microsoft SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online not only allows its users to get instant access to their corporate data, lists, libraries, project details, and documents; but it also enables them to use this content from any remote location in the world. All that is needed is a smart device such as a laptop, mobile phone or tablet, etc., and stable internet connectivity. Nevertheless, users can make changes offline, that can be updated on the portal as soon as they reconnect with the server.

This blog post elucidates about top 15 benefits and features that SharePoint Online offers to its users. But before delving directly into these benefits, let’s have a brief overview of SharePoint Online, for those who are new to the software.

SharePoint Online — A Brief Overview

SharePoint Online is a website-based system that uses workflow applications, list databases, and other web parts and security features, to help teams work and collaborate efficiently. It enables enterprises to control data access, and automate workflow processes at their convenience. Other than that, some businesses are also in contract with SharePoint Consultancies which provides them with document management, sharing, collaboration, and storage services.

Why Does Your Business Need MS SharePoint Online?

The robust features of SharePoint Online provide quick access to internal corporate sites and documents via any mobile phone, laptop, or tablet. Not only this, but it also enables creating, sharing, and modification of lists/libraries and content. This is considered to be the finest feature of SharePoint Online that is fascinating for businesses to adopt SharePoint, to gain remote access to the SharePoint Online sites.

MS SharePoint is one of the most privileged enterprise web services which vaunts a user base of a whopping 2 million spread across 75,000 business enterprises all across the globe. SharePoint is winning the heart and attention of business owners because of its impeccable capabilities to overcome challenging barriers when it comes to integrating with other software; facilitating improvised collaboration and communication.

SharePoint Online is also trending because business executives are using mobile phones and smart devices more frequently to access their work data. And, hence with quicker and easy mobile access to use SharePoint Online, the platform has become the trendiest software of the decade.

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Top 15 Features & Benefits of SharePoint Online For Businesses

1. Get Unified Mobile Connectivity With SharePoint Mobile App

Instant mobile connectivity with SharePoint Mobile App provides users, with the opportunity to access all the features of SharePoint Online even when they are traveling. SharePoint Online sites can be easily accessed by any mobile phone or tablet if it has an enabled and stabilized internet connection. You can modify and read libraries and lists, documents, and other site content using any device. These are the features that make SharePoint one of the most sought-after tools by business enterprises given that it allows remote access to its authorized users. Among various SharePoint Online features, this one is highlighted because business executives are frequently using mobile to access their work data.

2. Outstanding Collaboration & Better Accessibility For Remote Workers

With SharePoint Online, accessing, retrieving, and storing information is seamless, quick, and easy. All it takes is a laptop, mobile, or tablet, along with a stable internet connection. Also, all the team members, whether they are working remotely from a geographically dispersed location or inside one office, can communicate and collaborate easily using SharePoint Online, which results in greater efficiency and productivity.

3. Create Your Personalized SharePoint Sites with Premium Customization Options

With SharePoint, you can create sites with all the needed customizations that suit your requirements. SharePoint Online allows you to easily customize your site within a few minutes. With advanced-level customizations offered to customers, creating and managing SharePoint sites is no longer a hassle. From site colors to font and background images everything can be customized with the help of personalization options.

4. Enjoy Seamless Integration & Browser Compatibility With SharePoint Browser Support

SharePoint Online offers seamless integration and compatibility with browsers that are commonly used across the world such as Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc. So, no matter which browser you have, you will still be able to use SharePoint Online without any difficulty.

5. Get All the Helms In Your Hand With SharePoint Permissions Management

Permission Management features in SharePoint Online are another driver of making this tool unique and incredible. For managing authorization and access permission in SharePoint, you are provided with features that are highly flexible and very much configurable at every single level of detail that is needed. SharePoint role, permission inheritance, and SharePoint groups work altogether to control user access to the site and its content. This ensures that users can only access the data that is needed to be known to be worked on.

6. Track Progress of Your Project With SharePoint Team Site

On Team Site, you can easily add project functionality for the sake of planning and tracking. This functionality also provides a task list with a calendar, a project summary web part, and a visual timeline that can help you track down the exact timing for work done. This is extremely useful for businesses that are looking to keep track of the working process and turnaround duration. This is another great feature of SharePoint considering how much data access and control it offers to the users.

7. Unlock New Altitudes of Cost-Effectiveness, Convenience & Efficiency

SharePoint does not need any introduction and there are innumerable organizations that are already leveraging the benefits of SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online, being a web-based platform that is hosted by Microsoft’s Cloud Environment, there are no resources and costs that are associated to own and managing infrastructure of any kind. SharePoint Online offers an intuitive interface that is easy to use by the end-user and cost-efficient for business organizations too.

8. Use Advanced Web Parts to Attain Your Desired Customizations

In SharePoint Online, you can easily add and deploy custom web parts to the web-part page, which allows you to attain your desired goals and do custom coding. These advanced web parts are also amongst the best things that SharePoint offers its users. Business enterprises, all across the world are progressively using these advanced web parts to fulfill their unique business needs.

9. Enjoy Superior Data Integrity With SharePoint’s Multi-Layered Security System

When SharePoint claims that it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, then it is crucial to understand that this access is always completely authorized. This overlays high levels of security for maintaining data integrity and safeguarding sensitive and confidential information. SharePoint offers multi-layered security to its users which protects the data from any threats of data theft and privacy invasion. For companies, that are reluctant to put all their confidential data on the cloud; they can use a hybrid environment, where they can keep their sensitive document on a physical or on-premise server, while the rest of the data is on the cloud. This proposes a win-win solution because they can enjoy the benefit of both on-premise services alongside the features and functionalities of cloud technologies offered by SharePoint Online.

10. Use ‘Project Site Templates to Create Distinctive Project Sites For Individual Project

In SharePoint ‘Project Site Template’ can be used to create a new site where we can create new tasks and assign them to different people in our company, we can also track projects timeline on the calendar and also can manage the documents related to our project. This feature can help your business create the best SharePoint site that stands out from what the competition has to offer.

11. Centralized Yet Individual Workspaces With SharePoint ‘My Tasks’

The ‘My Task’ page on your site allows you to see all the tasks that are working at a single location. These tasks can be fetched from a personal site, team sites, Project Web App, and MS Outlook. This enables management to have a holistic view of all the tasks that a project team is currently working on.

12. Quick Actions With Drag & Drop Option in SharePoint Team Site

With SharePoint Online, you can easily upload documents, images, and all types of files to your SharePoint site, by simply dragging the item from your computer’s location and dropping it in the library of your SharePoint site. This makes it easier to customize their websites with relevant images and documents, even if they don’t have any prior experience of using SharePoint Online. If you are also new to SharePoint Online, you will find this one the best feature.

13. Instant Site Sharing & Simplified Access to ‘Team Site’

With SharePoint Online, you can share any site with other people. All you need is to grant them permission and access to the site. To permit them, you just need to invite them to the site and then set the desired permission for all the people you invite to the site. This makes the SharePoint site more flexible and extremely useful, especially when collaborating with large teams.

14. Hassles Free Reporting & Analysis With SharePoint’s In-Built Web Analytics

There are some pre-built Web Analytics reports in SharePoint Online that analyze different aspects of our site and site collection by using user data. This can come into use when creating reports and internal reviews. With this SharePoint online feature, you will not have to use numerous other tools and software for web analytics purposes, so it is extremely useful.

15. A Wide Array of Themes For Amplified Customization Options

With SharePoint Online, comes a decent array of pre-designed themes, that can be further customized concerning colors and fonts for providing an enriched look to your team site. SharePoint themes come to the rescue in providing the best feel and love, especially when a user does not want to spend any extra time customizing their SharePoint site.


The list of SharePoint Online benefits and features discussed here clearly proves that the platform provides powerful and easy-to-use services for workplace collaboration and integration support. SharePoint Online is mainly used to create both external and internal websites for document management, document collaborati0on, and business intelligence as well as for app management. SharePoint is available in a bundle with Office 365 for business purposes for both big and small business organizations, all you need to do is to purchase your desired license.

SharePoint Online is an easy-to-use but complex-to-develop platform. And, since it takes a big amount of your investment, it is always wise to consult a professional SharePoint Consulting Company or SharePoint Development Company to avoid potential risks and limitations associated. Code Creators Inc. is one of the leading SharePoint Development companies in the USA known for providing reliable and cost-effective SharePoint Consulting and SharePoint Development Services. If you want to connect with Code Creators Inc, contact us now to set a free consultation appointment. Connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.