Mobile app development is swiftly increasing with time. As everything is going digital and handy with a rapid speed, so to stay up to date it is imperious to learn and adopt technologies with time to make sure that you do not lag behind. Along with that mobile apps are really very helpful for those who are running their businesses and for a common person to provide ease in his everyday life.

As the demands of mobile apps are increasing so is their consumption. To cater to market needs, a lot of tech companies are offering app development services. However, to run the whole process in the smoothest way, the developers have to go through a comprehensive app development process.

Average Revenue Generated by Apps Per Download

The process of mobile app development is without any doubt really comprehensive in nature. Although it is a straightforward process it requires keen attention and focuses to run things in a systematic way. To get a perfect mobile app, a developer needs to follow a comprehensive yet really organized process. In case of any negligence, all of the untiring efforts can get wasted within no time.

In case newbie developers are in search of a comprehensive but easy guide to the mobile app development process, this guide is for them. Let’s take this roller coaster ride it will take you from ideation to the launch of your app. This mobile app development guide can help you on the off chance you are in search.

Step 1: Ideation

The foremost step to initiate the app process is ideation. At first, it is imperative to have a robust idea of an app. For the developers, once they get the briefs from the clients. Ideation is basically the concept-gathering phase for both developers and clients. In this phase, they care about certain things. For instance:

What will be the purpose of the app?

For whom this app is beneficial?

Last but not the least, what are the business objectives of the app?

All the above-mentioned things come under the umbrella of ideation or concept building. After getting a clear picture related to the above-mentioned things, developers move to the next step.

Step 2: Research

In the development of any digital product, the thing that is most crucial is to do proper research which must be based on valid facts. The more you research about the product you are going to develop, the more efficient strategy you will be able to design. Let’s have a look at a few crucial points at which extensive research is required to run the app development process in the smoothest way:

Audience: It is important to conduct a comprehensive research about the audience in order to check their behavioral pattern, goals, challenges, habits, tech skills, and preferences for the devices prior to starting app creation.

Competition: Another fundamental thing about which it is important to conduct thorough research is the competition in the app market. While creating any app it is obvious to have a know-how of the app market. For instance; technologies, platforms, and ways of developing any app used by other industry professionals.

Specific Industry: Another must-have while developing an app is to have firm research about the specific industry for which you are going to develop an app. It is because every industry follows a specific standards, technologies, and monetization practices. 

The result will be quite different if you conduct research about the above-mentioned specific things.

Step 3: UX and UI design

Designing a user interface or providing the most favorable user experience is one of the best yet crucial parts of any app. Because it provides the first glimpse into how your app will look. At this step, UX design developers and designers create an environment for the users to experience the app and build interaction with the system. Building a UX is a multi-step process, we are not going into the details here but have a look at a few steps that are required on creating a user experience.

Personas: Basically, the persona is an image that is perceived by a specific group of people collectively. It defines alike goals, intents, behavior, tech skills, etc.

Sketches: During the creation of any UX, app creators take help by creating rough sketches in order to get the visual interpretation of the ideas that are running in their minds.

Wireframes: Wireframes can also be said as an x-ray of the app. It is a black-and-white interpretation of every screen of the app. It can also be said for the rough draft of an app without any color, picture, or content.

Step 4: Development and testing

The next step is really very critical and technical. It requires a firm knowledge and understanding to develop a comprehensive and versatile app that can serve its purpose in the most efficient way. The success of any app depends on the skill set of its creators. As compared to the other app creation steps, development is the longest of all. But at the same time, it is the most amazing part because the developers are going to finish their project and will move towards the deployment and launching of the app very soon.

Agile Development: The development that fits according to the industry’s standard. 

Front-end Development: It’s all about carrying the user interface to life and making it perform its job.

Back-end Development: It caters to all server-side engineering issues.

Step 5: Deployment and launch

Right after the development, and testing, it’s time for the deployment and launch of the app. Testing gets finished then the developers and clients collectively have to think about app deployment. They need to decide the platforms where they are going to deploy and launch their app for the use of general users. Once the app is launched, the task is not over yet.  The app still requires attention to get optimized. It is suggested to keep monitoring the app to fix the bugs that might appear and disturb your app.

How long does it take to develop an app?

The duration of app development varies from project to project. The aspect that affects the timing, in any case, is mostly due to technical issues. However, no need to get in a rush do your work with dedication and consistency. But try to meet the deadlines for sure.