Sometimes you need to know more about your computer. You might be curious about which version of Windows you’re running or simply want to know the make and model of your computer. Digging around in the operating system could reveal helpful details, but you have to know how and where to look. When you buy refurbished HP laptops, it’s absolutely understandable that you may want to know more about your system. Whether you’re looking to satisfy your own curiosity, or you’re wanting to become more computer savvy in general, it’s worth knowing about free Windows tools and your built-in system utilities.

System Utilities

The built-in system utilities that come with Windows don’t require downloading or installing any sort of separate software, so these are the easiest and most readily available free Windows tools for you to use. If you want the most basic information about your PC, you can launch File Explorer. Here you’re able to click on the This PC tab and then chooseProperties from the menu.

At this screen, you’ll be shown some of the high-level properties of your PC. On the left sidebar, you’ll also have control panel options. This is where you can ask some common questions. You can learn which version of Windows you’re using or the make and model of your PC. Other details include the processor that your PC uses or how much memory your PC has. You should be able to find your Windows Product ID as well.

Another option is using msinfo32.exe, which is a deeper layer. This gives you more detailed information about your PC. To use this, press your Windows key and your R key at the same time. This should bring up a Run dialog box. In the open text window, type msinfo32 and press enter. Click on the OK button when it appears. If your keyboard doesn’t have a Windows key, you can press Ctrl and Esc instead. The panel that comes up will look a bit different depending upon the version of Windows you’re using. In Windows 10, right-click on System Information and select the option to run as administrator in order to get the most information.

Free Software

Navigating your system utilities isn’t for everyone. Free software, such as BelArc Advisor or Piriform Speccy, attempts to combine all of the above into one intuitive and user-friendly package. Many users find these software options to be a bit easier to use since all of the system details are shared together. This means you don’t have to go hunting as much for specific information.

BelArc Advisor isn’t the most polished software, but it does provide handy information about your PC. The operating system, processor, drives, system model, main circuit board, and memory modules are all shared with specifics about each under their respective headings. Navigation is accomplished using hyperlinks.

With Piriform Speccy, you have a better-looking user interface with a series of tabs. It’s a little easier to navigate if you’re accustomed to tabs and subcategories. You’ll notice on the left sidebar categories such as summary, operating system, CPU, RAM, motherboard, graphics, hard drives, optical drives, audio, peripherals, and network. Clicking on any one of these will allow you to get more information and go into greater detail.

Cheap used HP laptops may or may not be updated with the latest version of Windows. Finding more information is absolutely worth the time if you’re curious. Contact Inc., at 508-788-6326 to learn more or to discover great deals on refurbished laptops.