TP Link WiFi range extender let you enjoy a lag-free internet in all areas of your home. Though there are many other brand in the race, TP Link is considered as one of the most trusted brands for satisfying the WiFi needs. No matter whether you want to shop online, play online games, stream Netflix, or do Zoom meetings, TP Link WiFi range extender can make anything possible for you. But, what if you can access the TP Link extender’s default web address

Well, this can be really annoying for users who see an error message while accessing TP Link extender login page using Want you know how to get rid of not working issue? Let’s begin with the process.

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The Fixes

Update the Web Browser

When you try to log in to your TP Link WiFi range extender using, make sure that the web browser you are making use of is up-to-date.

If your web browser is already up-to-date, the consider rebooting it. How? Just close the web browser and open it again after a short while. Also, consider clearing browsing history, cache, and cookies from the browser prior to accessing the TP Link extender login page via

Check the Wired Connections

Another main reason that can stop you from accessing the TP Link extender login page using is because of improper wired connections. So, to get the issue fixed:

  • Make sure that the Ethernet/ wired connection between your existing router and TP Link WiFi range extender is proper
  • If you find cuts in the cable, replace it with a new one
  • Confirm whether your router and the extender are properly plugged in and getting proper power supply

Confirm the Web Address

99 percent of users, sometimes, in hurry attempt mistakes while entering the default web address of TP Link WiFi range extender. Make sure that you are not committing the same mistake.

Also, ensure that, you are not using the browser’s search bar for entering the TP Link extender’s default web address i.e.

To prevent typing errors, we suggest you copy and paste in the browser’s URL bar.

Check the Credentials

Chances are that you are not able to access the TP Link extender login page because of incorrect username and password. The best solution to fix the issue is to make sure of the correct login credentials. Also, if you have changed the credentials at the time of TP Link extender setup, it suggested to use them.

Reset TP Link Extender

None of the aforementioned fixes helped you log in to TP Link extender using No worries! Consider resetting TP Link extender back to factory default values. This is one and only solution to fix “can’t access” issue. To reset your TP Link WiFi range extender, here the instructions that supposed to be followed in exact given order:

  • Turn on your TP Link extender
  • Disconnect your TP Link device from the host router
  • Then, press the reset hole on the device i.e. the extender
  • Hold it for some time and release it

Your TP Link WiFi range extender will be reset. Now, you can configure the TP Link extender using the WPS method. What, want to perform tp-link extender setup without wps? Yes? Then, download and install the TP Link app and follow the instructions to configure your WiFi range extender.

Once your TP Link WiFi range extender gets configured, you can log in to it using and default login username and password. This time, you will surely able to access, aren’t you?

To Wrap Up

We truly understand what it feels when the TP Link WiFi range extender default web address, is not working and you can’t surf the web. Our motive behind providing you this article is to provide you the tips that can help you fix “can’t access” issue. We hope that you also get a fix for “can’t access” issue with this article? If this piece of writing makes things working for you, then it will be a great thing for us.

We really wish you a happy and lag-free experience with TP Link WiFi range extender!