What is an automated webinar?

A webinar that is automated is one that you can perform without having to go “live.” A sales funnel, on the other hand, is the path you want a potential client to travel in order to close a deal. An automated webinar sales funnel is a set of processes you’ll guide a potential client through when you combine the two concepts. In particular, if you have reached the limit of how frequently you can make those presentations or of the number and sort of audience you can reach, automated webinars are appropriate for the types of presentations you do frequently, where the material is essentially the same every time.

This covers things like product demonstrations, webinars for onboarding, training, info sessions, and business summaries. To present an interactive and interesting automated webinar, the majority of event organizations employ webinar platforms.

Benefits of automated webinar

Expand audience base

Automated webinars event live streaming is a productive method of reaching a sizable audience. Sadly, formal encounters in the real world were connected to a large amount of commute time loss. In other circumstances, participating in the event we were interested in can just be logistically impossible. This issue is efficiently solved by an automated webinar, which allows you to engage in online training from nearly any location while relaxing in your preferred chair. Because of this, it is a very alluring choice for new viewers, enticing them to participate.

Lead more people into your sale funnel

Employing an automated webinar in your sales funnel might create more prospects. Unbelievably, businesses are utilizing automated webinars to generate new leads and further qualify existing prospects because they provide customers the opportunity to learn more about you and your organization at any time and from any location. Additionally, it demonstrates to them why they require what you have to give. They are significantly more likely to convert from an audience member to a paying customer if they stick around for the entire webinar.

Offer flexibility

The ability to plan automatic webinars for any time or date is one of their finest features. You choose a specified start date for an automated webinar. You may then upload a previously recorded webinar and add a poll, an extra video, or a Call-To-Action (CTA) button in place of setting up a live presentation. The wonderful thing about automated webinars is that they begin and end entirely on their own, saving you a tonne of time! In the event that your live webinars take too long, this function is really helpful. You can host an automated webinar using a webinar platform if that’s what you need.

Increase engagement

Live webinars are rather dull. Other than the final Q&A, they often don’t include much audience engagement. In order to create an interactive audience experience, planning and scripting are required, which is typically not worth the work for a one-time event. The presenter may conduct a poll or ask a question of the audience, but it is too distracting for them to do it more than once or twice. With automated webinars, the situation is reversed.

Since they are endlessly repeatable, it is worthwhile to take a little more time to script them so that audience interaction is increased by incorporating elements like polls, questions, advice, contact forms, handouts, and links within the presentation itself. You are free to add as many interactions as you like because they are preprogrammed. All processes are automated. To perform various engaging activities and raise audience participation, utilize the best webinar platform.

Improve brand awareness

Automated webinars can also assist to increase brand recognition for your business. Every webinar you conduct is a fantastic chance to raise brand recognition and solidify your company’s market position. Participants in webinars who gained knowledge from them and developed an interest in the firm later visited your website, driving traffic there, sharing material, etc. Webinars continuously increase brand recognition and solidify an expert’s position within a certain market.

Improve customer service

You can offer better customer service when you automate your webinars. Automated systems, for instance, can assist with registration management and guarantee that everyone who registers can attend. This makes manual registration unnecessary and frees you up to concentrate on other crucial activities. Automated webinars also provide you with the chance to offer better customer service. You may assist consumers with any problems they might be having by responding to queries during the presentation. So, if you’re considering hosting an automated webinar, engage a reputable webinar service provider. Additionally, they might aid in boosting client contentment.

Easy to use

The fact that automated webinars are simple to utilize is one of their biggest features. Online meetings like this one are entirely automated, as the name implies, so you won’t have to perform additional work as a result. As a result, automated webinars are simple to utilize for both viewers and the business because no engagement or human effort is needed. You may successfully hold an automated webinar with the aid of an online webinar platform.