Already, the Twenty20 World Cup of 2022 has provided some moments that will live long in the memory. The highlight of Group A was Namibia’s victory against Sri Lanka, which was followed closely by a brilliant hat-trick. By UAE legspinner Karthik Meiyappan against the team that won the Asia Cup.

Despite the fact that each team has already competed in two matches. The topic of which two teams will advance to the Super 12s is still up for debate. Let’s take a look at some of the potential outcomes before the last matchday in Group A, which will take place on Thursday.

Who will advance to the Super 12s based on the results of the Group A Qualification Scenarios?

  1. Four points for the Netherlands

NRR: +0.149

Final match: Sri Lanka

The Netherlands are now in World Cup first position after claiming a significant victory against Namibia in a nail-biting contest on Tuesday. They achieved the manageable goal of 112 runs in the 20th over two days earlier. When they were playing UAE and it was a pretty identical run chase that they pulled off.

The Dutch have bowled really well and have maintained their composure during the match’s most crucial stages. Despite the fact that they are now in a prominent position. It is not at all certain that they will qualify. Following their resounding victory against the UAE. Sri Lanka currently boast a superior net run rate than the side captained by Scott Edwards. The Dutch will have to depend on the United Arab Emirates to overcome Namibia. In the event that they lose against Sri Lanka by any margin.

If they are victorious, they will finish first in the group and advance to Group 1, which consists of Australia, New Zealand, England, and Afghanistan at the moment.

  1. Namibia

2 points

NRR: +1.277

UAE won the final match.

The loss against the Netherlands in World Cup was extremely painful for Namibia to take. Given that David Wiese and JJ Smit batted for a combined total of just nine balls throughout the game. In spite of the defeat, the team captained by Gerhard. Erasmus still has a good chance of qualifying for the next round because to their impressive net run rate. In point of fact, the equation may be summed up as follows: win against UAE by whatever margin. Are you looking Cricket Id Provider then you can click the link. 

The first match of the day has Sri Lanka taking against the Netherlands. Both Sri Lanka and Namibia are now in a better position. Than the Netherlands (+0.149) in terms of their net run rate, therefore if either country wins. They will advance to the next round. Who comes in first or second place is also determined by the total net run rate. If the Netherlands and Namibia both win, then Sri Lanka will be knocked out of the competition.

  1. Sri Lanka

2 points

NRR: +0.600

The Netherlands won the final match.

After suffering an early setback against Namibia, Sri Lanka is now in the position to choose their own destiny. Should they win their match against the Netherlands, they will advance to the Super 12s. The final group they are assigned to is determine not just. By the margin of victory they achieve, but also by how Namibia performs against the UAE.

In the event that they are defeated, their only chance of qualifying will be if the UAE triumphs against Namibia by a significant margin.

  1. UAE 0 points

NRR: -2.028

Final match: Namibia

According to the calculations, the UAE might still qualify for World Cup. But a miracle is what they need. First, it is necessary for the Netherlands to win their match against Sri Lanka. Second, they have to defeat Namibia by an enormous margin in order to turn around. Their net run rate of -2.028, which is far lower than the much more advantageous +1.277 of the African country. Even the finest welcome and sign-up incentives from are unable to offset the cost of such a low chance. Get here All Cricket Id.

On Saturday, the Super 12 stage will get underway with Australia playing New Zealand at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG). Afterwards, England will play Afghanistan in Perth. 

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