So I was told to attend an important meeting as a department head to discuss a new agenda. I was told that many heads disagree with the thing and there is a chance of voting in the meeting. So the presence of every member is indeed significant. I was busy with an ongoing project and honestly, I am not a busy bee so the things that are not directly related to me or my work are mostly neglected by me in general. The meeting and the agenda were to vote in favour of or against the rehiring of old company employees back.

I have missed 2-3 prior meetings so I had no idea what was happening but apparently, some policies and regulations were going to change just to adjust this agenda. The presentation impressed me but I was not in the favour of hiring old people at that time. I thought giving chance to a fresh mind would have been a much better idea. So I voted against that but as I have mentioned earlier those missed meetings did not help me much as I had no idea that it was already decided and the voting was just a formality. So, in the end, there was a single figure percentage who disagree with this policy. All others wanted the experienced members back.

  • According to a BBC report, LinkedIn observation of employees showed that in 2021 5% of employees hired by different companies were old employees coming back to work.

I told them it would be hard for old employees as work styles have changed completely but they told us to guide them with open hearts and minds and even gave us employee monitoring tools for help. So in the coming weeks, some people joined our department as well. Two of them had already worked in the department and I remember one of them had the farewell right when I joined the company. Now I was the department head but in his eye, I was the rookie who had made some unforgettable and funny mistakes as a rookie. Anyway,

my personal experience is not on the agenda of today’s discussion, today we are going to talk about how to effectively handle generation X in the workplace with the help of employee monitoring features like the Whatsapp spy app for android, and email monitoring, Youtube monitoring, and more. Here is how OgyMogy made our lives easier and a little less stressful in dealing with newly hired people.

Whatsapp spy app for android:

  • My main concern was the evolved working lifestyle which would be made things difficult for the employees and I was right. They were struggling.
  • For example one of the employees shared very confidential recordings in the WhatsApp official group with all the members while resolving a simple query. He was then told that it is nonprofessional and no one should share the audio recording of anyone without consent. For him, WhatsApp was simply a chat app for fun.
  • There are features like the Whatsapp spy app for android that are used in the corporate sector as the use of a chatting app for official matters is a common thing among many companies.
  • The recording clip sharing thing made me more nervous regarding the security of the important stuff and information as what if he shared such a thing again but to another group?
  • WhatsApp now gives updates that give power to the admin to delete the message of any group member. The Whatsapp spy app for android the OgyMogy came very handy at that time as the responsible employee was watching the activity of the individual employees.
  • They deleted the message right away with the hope that no irrelevant people should have heard the clip.
  • The Whatsapp spy app for android even saves the deleted content at the web portal as well as I was shown the chat history and the detail.

We had a detailed meeting after word in which we shared the new insights and how things work in our department with the newly hired generation X employees. They were all competent enough as the company still wanted them back so they assured us that no such mistake will happen in the future.