Empower marketing teams to identify and qualify potential customers with personalized interactions and meaningful engagements to ensure loyal and potentially serious buyers for the sales department.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is a cloud- based marketing application that enables marketing teams to deliver engaging customer experiences across all touch points. The application helps manage and guide the customers’ buying journey through the sales funnel, from the first contact to the conversion and closing. Besides, the marketing solution offers an exceptional and comprehensive set of marketing tools that allow enterprises to automate, monitor, and track every client engagement throughout the acquisition process. As a result, modern businesses worldwide consider Dynamics 365 Marketing an invaluable asset to even the most ambitious marketing initiatives.

Dynamics 365 Marketing Features and Benefits

The multifunctional marketing platform enhances every aspect of marketing, lead generation, and client engagement, allowing enterprises to engage more and sell more. Here below are the major capabilities that this advanced CRM (or Customer Relationship Management) solution offers:

Seamless Lead Generation and Engagement

Dynamics 365 Marketing helps marketing professionals generate leads and close those successfully through personalized customer interactions. The application allows enterprises to develop customized landing pages based on the lead’s history, manage acquisition events, improve logistics, and streamline registration. The marketing CRM also helps customize every marketing channel to attract and retain the target audiences. Moreover, Dynamics 365 Marketing utilizes tools like Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to identify and leverage serious leads from LinkedIn.

Integrated Sales and Marketing Capabilities

Dynamics 365 for Marketing generates lead data from a single source and spreads the information throughout the enterprise while ensuring an excellent buying experience for potential prospects. The application comprises lead scoring features and automated workflows that enable marketing managers to target, track, prioritize, and move appropriately qualified leads through the sales, marketing, and acquisition pipelines, thus ensuring higher revenues.

Better Customer Insight for Better Performance

Dynamics 365 Marketing delivers Artificial Intelligence or AI- driven marketing insights through customizable dashboards, extensive analytics, and insightful market facts, leading to smarter prospect engagement and better customer acquisition. The CRM marketing tool also integrates dynamic segmentation and lead scoring models with prompt scheduling that helps identify, contact, and engage high priority prospects throughout marketing touch points.

More Personalized Customer Engagements and Lasting Relations

Dynamics 365 Marketing allows the marketing department to identify and onboard new potential customers through an omnichannel, personalized customer interaction approach. Besides, the application seamlessly integrates with digital telephony processes, chatbots, social networks, various products, customer portals, and corporate websites, allowing the marketing department to qualify potential customers, build personalized communication, anticipate buyer expectations, and ensure a higher conversion rate with improved customer retention metrics.

Prompt, Insightful Information Facts

Dynamics 365 Marketing enables enterprises to make informed decisions based on real time data with embedded, consolidated sales and marketing analytics. The application delivers detailed analytical reports that help track the effectiveness of marketing initiatives while concise, intuitive, and visual dashboards allow stakeholders to monitor the marketing department’s actions, performance, and outcomes for reasoned and considered management decisions.

Scale Up Business Performance with Ultra- Connected Features

Dynamics 365 Marketing is an innovative platform that enables enterprises to expand sales geographies, engage with new teams, operate in new locations, and add relevant marketing channels. Moreover, the marketing solution seamlessly integrates with other third- party tools and deploys mobile and web applications to enhance business performance.

Improved Conversion Rate

Dynamics 365 Marketing helps coordinate marketing and sales processes, ensures smoother communication, identifies potentially promising channels, and provides smarter marketing tools to deliver a higher conversion rate. The application also allows marketing teams to create an effective sales funnel and prioritize the most prominent leads while keeping the rest of the potential customers in an active expectation state.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Pricing

The table below suggests the various Pricing options available for enterprises to choose from, based on the business needs.

Dynamics 365 Marketing Pricing
Dynamics 365 MarketingAUD 1,648 per tenant per month
Dynamics 365 Marketing AttachAUD 1,030 per tenant per month

To Conclude

Dynamics 365 Marketing has a common, integrated platform with Dynamics 365 Sales that connects the marketing and sales departments and aids a unified usage of customer insights. The CRM marketing tool monitors and analyzes every piece of communication that happens with customers and team members. In addition, the application supports marketing and sales teams to jointly plan customer engagement initiatives and analyze the effectiveness of actions to ensure more sales and more converted and retained customers.

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