The photo of a real estate ad is the real gateway to the future sale.

It will be the one that will encourage, or not, to click the possible interested party and to know more about that property in portfolio. And yet, there are still many agents who take photos in any way. Without a correct previous preparation . Without taking into account the quality of a mobile camera. And doing it in any way during the recruitment visit.

At Inviso , a Norwegian company specialized in digital marketing for the real estate market and collaborating with fotocasa in the new Photoservice service , they are so sure of the importance of quality real estate photography that they have created their own training service. It is their own school for the photographers and home stagers who eventually join the company.

The program is mainly based on the competences and skills acquired by its professionals over the years. Incorporating even scientific criteria of real estate photography.

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You also have to take into account the human factor

And they go beyond photographic theory to also take into account the human factor . Participants receive technical training adapted to the reality of their work. Because it is not the same to photograph a 50-square-meter apartment with little light as a single-family house with a private garden. And it is emphasized that the photos of a house, in addition to showing the characteristics of the space, should try to create sensations, tell a story , help imagine what it would be like to live in that house.

But, in addition, Inviso professionals are also prepared to interact and collaborate with different types of clients . It is about being aware of the importance of establishing a good professional relationship with the seller and generating the empathy that each case requires.

It is clear that dealing with someone who sells a home is not the same because they want to buy a better one, than with someone who has just separated and is forced to get rid of what has been their dream home. Or with someone who comes off an inheritance due to a recent death in the family . Understanding each of these situations and making the most of the potential of each property are the keys to offering the best photographic service and the best customer experience.

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In addition to the initial training, Inviso also carries out a series of internal workshops for its photographers throughout the year, with the aim that they can share experiences, learn new techniques and keep up to date with the latest trends . Because real estate photography goes far beyond improvising a couple of images. And because continuing to learn is always the key to success.