Do you have the talent and knowledge to be a successful realtor, but you find yourself stuck?

According to AJ Lamba, technology has penetrated the market and it is here to stay for good. You have websites to list properties, directories to list your business and above all apps for almost everything.

Most experienced agents already utilize these apps and are winning in the industry. Don’t fall behind and start using these apps for real estate agents.

The following are some of the most effective and popular apps that experts in the market use to improve their real estate business.

Top 5 Apps Real Estate Agents Use

1.  Contactually

The most crucial part of any business is it’s customers. Use this app to stay connected with both potential clients and past clients you worked with.

Contactually helps you with contact management. You get to keep all your contacts in one place without mixing them up in a confusing pile. Apart from that, it offers features like client matching and property matching, further simplifying your work.

2.  Zillow Primer Agent

Zillow has gained a lot of popularity in the real estate market with its overall functionality. In fact, according to its official site, it is one of the USA’s most visited real estate website.

Zillow Primer Agent app let’s you access its incredibly large database, helping you get more leads. According to AJ Lamba You can use it for advertising and communication with potential buyers. The app already has all the required documents and forms, so you can use it like your little help centre and grow your business

3.  Lightroom

Out of all the apps for real estate agents on this list, Lightroom might be the most unexpected one. However, this popular photo editing tool will take your listings to the next level. And the best part is that it lets you edit images like a professional on your phone.

Use it to emphasize the USPs of your properties and attract leads left right and centre. Show your targeted audiences how great real estate can look and why they should pay the money you are asking for.

4.  MagicPlan

Posting high-quality images is a great practice, but that is not enough to stand out in 2022. Some of your clients will be international or individuals who are reluctant to travel and want to see the property online. Using the MagicPlan app you can give such buyers an idea of what they are about to purchase.

The app let’s one share floor layouts, renovation prices and buyers can take a 3D tour of your property wherever they are.

These applications are all developed to offer efficiency. So, make the most use of these apps for real estate agents and take the necessary step toward your success. Take your time to master them and watch your business flow get smoother by the day.