If you’re suffering from a mental or emotional disability, you’ve likely considered the benefits of having an emotional support animal. ESAs can give you the assistance you need if you’re struggling with disabilities such as anxiety and depression, and the emotional support animal certification provides you with the support of the federal government, protecting you from discrimination. Once you’ve obtained the necessary certification, however, it will be necessary for you to properly outfit your ESA. The first things you’ll need are your emotional support animal tags. Here’s why.


Every dog owner needs to have tags for their pooch. When you first adopt your dog, they’re not going to have any idea who you are. You’re going to have to make sure they’re in safe spaces, and that they’re secured at all times. If they were to somehow get away from you, calling them is unlikely to work, so they’ll need to have some kind of identification on them so they can be returned to you. While your dog should be micro chipped as well, the tags are the first thing regular people are going to notice and will provide them with the quickest way to reach you in such an emergency. Tags aren’t just necessary for newly adopted dogs, of course, as there are all kinds of situations that could result in an older dog getting lost. Natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes, for instance, could result in your pet running away or being misplaced. Therefore, it is highly recommended that your dog wears their tags at all times.

Identification as an ESA

In order to enjoy the protections that are afforded a certified ESA, all you actually need is a note from a medical professional. Other types of identification, however, are very helpful in making your life easier as you’re accompanied by your ESA. Outfitting your dog in an ESA vest make it clear to the world that you have a disability and require the services of your dog as part of your treatment. Alerting people in this way can save you from the embarrassment and inconvenience of having to explain yourself to airline officials and landlords. Similarly, ESA animal tags provide a short-hand for strangers, so they know that your dog is more than a pet, but is a medical necessity due to a disability. In the unlikelyevent that your dog should get lost, the fact that the tags clearly indicate that your pet is an emotional support animal should help to alert strangers to the importance of returning the dog to its owner as quickly as possible.

Simple and Inexpensive

Dog owners have a lot of responsibility in caring for their pets. You need to see to it that they’re properly fed, and you have to make sure that they get their scheduled shots and make regular visits to the vet. While the expenses associated with caring for your dog can get pretty high, having them wear ESA ID tags is not. Considering the value of having your dog carry its identification at all times, there’s no easier or cheaper way to protect your pet. If you need ID tags for your emotional support dog, contact the National Service Animal Registry. We can supply you with an emotional support dog kit to fulfill all your ESA needs. Call us today at (866) 737-3930.