If you suffer from a disability, you may benefit from having your dog registered as a service dog. Service dogs can provide help with vital duties such as reminding their owners when it’s time to take medicine, as well as other tasks such as opening doors and picking up things. Acquiring service dog registration for your pet, however, is not as simple as deciding to do so. Here are the steps you’ll need to take in order to obtain the necessary certification for your dog.

Determine Your Dog’s Suitability

Before proceeding, you’ll need to determine if your dog has the right temperament to be a service dog. Even clever and lovable dogs may not be cut out for learning the skills that are required to help you with your daily life, so it’s important that you be honest when judging your pet’s attributes. A dog that’s especially rambunctious or has difficulty learning basic commands may not be cut out for the job of a service dog.

Train Your Dog

There are many different types of skills a service dog may have to learn. Whatever is required of your dog will depend on your disability. You might need your service dog to open doors and pick up items, but they may need to perform more complicated jobs such as retrieving ATM cards, assisting with dressing, and getting the mail. For them to receive the training they need, you’ll have to enroll them in the appropriate classes. Once they’ve learned how to perform such tasks, you’ll need to practice with them in different environments. Accompanied by a friend or caregiver, take your pet to a public park so you can work on their retrieving skills while surrounded by distractions. Similarly, visiting a restaurant trains them to perform their duties while in an environment populated by dozens of people and loud noises. Other places where they can receive valuable training include shopping malls, grocery stores, and public restrooms. It largely depends on your disability, but you’ll want to try to account for as many challenges as possible before depending entirely on your service dog.

Registering Your Dog

Your service dog is protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Because your dog is necessary for you to maintain your independence, service dogs must be permitted in almost all kinds of public places. Furthermore, you can’t be discriminated against when it comes to housing and transportation. While registration is not necessary to qualify for these protections, it can be helpful to have written documentation announcing your dog’s status as a service dog. This can make it easier to gain access to airlines, supermarkets, and restaurants if someone tries to restrict your entry. To further make it clear to others that your pet is a service dog, you can outfit them with articles such as vests with service dog patches and service dog tags for identification.

When you’re ready to obtain registration for your service dog, contact the National Service Animal Registry. We can provide you with the registration, and the service dog vest for sale, so you can safely take your pet with you everywhere you go so you can live your life as independently as possible. For any questions you have, don’t hesitate to give us a today at (866) 737-3930.