When your baby is going through the put-everything-in-the-mouth phase, then a teething toy is the best option for them. Babies love to use water-filled teething toys because they soothe and numb their gums to ease teething symptoms. Teething toys help infants to go through their teething stage. Teething toys need to be sterilized after continuous use. Sterilizing teething toys that your baby will be putting in their mouth is very important. Your baby will suffer health problems if you don’t sterilize their teething toys. You can stop sterilizing the toys when your baby turns 6 months old. Here are some cleaning hacks to sterilize your baby’s teething toys:

By using white vinegar and water:

You can sterilize your baby’s teething toys by using white vinegar and water. You need to mix water and vinegar in a bottle. Spray down the toys. Sterilizing baby toys will become easier with this hack. If your baby is teething, then you should contact “Bachaa Party” because they make best baby teething toys.

By Boiling:

Boiling hot water is considered as the most common method to kill germs. You can sterilize teething toys by boiling them in water. You need to grab a pot. Put water into it to boil it. Pour the hot water over the teething toys. This method is good for both wooden and plastic toys. It is very important to read product labels before attempting to boil them.

By using Hand wash and scrub:

You can sterilize baby toys by using hand wash and scrub. In order to clean baby toys with hand wash and scrub, you need to take a sponge and clean with hot water and hand wash. This might be a good option if you want to sterilize them.

By using Dishwasher:

Most of the teething toys are made up of silicon. You can throw teething toys in the top reach of your dishwasher. It helps you to clean your baby teething toys. This hack is best when you don’t have enough time to wash them by hand. It is important to double check that the baby toys are thoroughly cleaned because the dishwasher may leave soap that babies could ingest.

By using baking soda:

You can sterilize your infant teething toys by using baking soda and water. They are considered as the trustable options. You need to mix baking soda and water to make a paste. Clean teething toys by using this paste. After this, rinse it off.

 By using Steam and Cold water sterilization:

You can use steam and cold water sterilization to kill germs. Pour water into the sterilizer. Put the cover on and it will then turn into steam. It is important to read the products label before using steam and cold water sterilization methods to clean teething products.

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