Legal issues can be complicated and twisted,which we might encounter in our lives that needs resolving conflicts, dispute, issues related to legal contracts, property frauds, divorce, custody issues and many more, which means we need a good lawyer to go through this process easily.

Law firms in Dubai

There are good law firms and well-experienced lawyers in Dubai that can help you with handling any kind of legal issues that you may encounter. These legal issues are diversified which means you need specialised lawyer for them. For instance, if you face property fraud, then you will need a real estate lawyer who know all the legalities of purchasing, renting or selling of real estate

Likewise, you will need family lawyers in Dubai to resolve any family issues such as divorce.

A family lawyer is the one that helps in handling issues that includes family, spouses, children and people related to them.

Let us discuss few of the familial cases that a family lawyer handles.

Different family cases for which you can consult a family lawyer

Marriage dissolution

If you are facing any issues in a marriage and want to end it,then you need a family lawyer who will help you in dissolving it. These are solved through annulment or by divorce. Court also orders temporary separation for few months during which couples can seek counselling, meanwhile advocates with the consultation of lawyers make decisions regarding the distribution of property, alimony and custody of the child.

Child custody

If there is a situation where a parent needs a sole custody of the child, take for the case, that father of the child needs full custody then he needs to file a case to claim paternity.

This is where a family lawyer can be helpful. HomeAbout UsContact UsPrivacy PolicyWrite For US

Parents can seek court help, for deciding many parameters related to child, such as, the meeting schedules, with whom the child will stay and study and many other issues related to the child, which the parents might not be able to resolve themselves.

Name changes

You can consult a family lawyer in case you want go for changing your name legally, for that you would need proper declaration and documentation.

Protection orders against domestic violence

If you are suffering from domestic violence then you can easily ask and consult a family lawyer for ordering protection against the one who is abusing you.

The victims are provided proper counselling by the family court for taking necessary actions against the abuser.


Guardianship is applied in case you want to legally define, who will be looking after and be responsible for medical, financial and making other decisions for a child or adult who are incapable, cannot make decisions and need someone to look after them.

Termination of parent’s rights and adoption

A family lawyer helps in handling many cases in which due to serious issues a parent who is incapable,can lose their right over their children. Such issues include abandonment, abuse, violence and many others.

The family lawyer can easily regulate and terminate these rights and transfer the guardianship to someone who is legally ready to adopt them.

Juvenile matters

If there has been an instance of child abuse, negligence, and a showcase of behaviour where a child was involved in illegal activity and behaviour, such matters are then looked after by the family lawyer and outcomes are then decided by family court attorney. They even allow work permits for minors aged, below 14.

Emancipation and agreement of juvenile marriage

If you are, under the age of 18 and legally wish to be emancipated or want to marry then you require to file a petition with the family lawyer for the approval.

Though many countries do not allow emancipation, few have restricted activities that one can do after getting approval such as drinking and voting. This is where a lawyer would advise you better, regarding the filing of the petition.

In the end

Apart from the above-mentioned cases, a family lawyer can help you with civil cases as well, which includes resolving disputes through negotiation and settlement.

These cases need legal settlement and proper consultation, a family court handles domestic cases differently as compared to civil and criminal court. This is where consulting a good lawyer is very important

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