Best personal loans – February 2023

From HelpMyCash we bring you the best cheap personal loans, quick loans and mini-credits for February 2023: ING , Cofidis , BBVA , Bank Norwegian … Check the advantages and conditions of the credits of the main banks and financial establishments that operate in Spain. With our ranking you can compare and choose the best loan with less interest, credit without commissions, without paperwork, online loans…

Best personal loans (February 2023)

The ranking of the best personal loan of the moment is headed in the first three positions by the Openbank Personal Loan, the Cofidis Personal Loan and the  ING Orange Loan , because they offer the lowest interest rates and with fewer commissions. Remember that the interest that the entities apply to you will depend on the study of your profile. That is why it is important that you compare and request financing from at least three of the brands that we include in this ranking: they all offer a cheap personal loan even if they do not lead the list. Best Online Loans Instant Approval Without Going Through The Painful Process Of A Credit

1-Openbank Personal Loan

The Openbank Personal Loan  is the cheapest at the moment: it offers interest from 4.95% TIN (5.06% TAE) to 6.95% TIN (7.18% TAE) for customers and non-customers . In addition, it is exempt from opening or study commissions and your application is processed online .

What do we like the most about the Orange Loan?

  • You do not have to open a  bank account to request it
  • Minimum amount of 3,000 euros
  • Maximum amount: €24,000
  • Very flexible repayment term of between 12 months and 5 years

2-Cofidis Personal Loan

The Cofidis Personal Loan  takes the silver of the best loans for its competitive interest rate, which is from 5.25% TIN (5.38% TAE) . You can request up to 60,000 euros to be returned in a maximum of ten years, without paying an opening commission or study. In addition, you will not have to contract other products from the entity or direct deposit your salary, although to request it you must be a Cofidis client.

Why is it one of the best loans on the market?

  • Very low interest rate and no opening commission
  • You can request up to 60,000 euros for any expense
  • It is requested and contracted through the Internet 

3-ING Orange Loan

ING’s Orange Loan occupies  the third position. Its interest is one of the lowest in the market: from 5.49% TIN (5.63% TAE) . In addition, it has no commissions and allows you to get up to 60,000 euros (with a maximum term of seven years), whether you are a client of the entity or not.

Why is it one of the best loans on the market?

  • Competitive interest rate, without commissions
  • Between 6,000 euros and 60,000 euros for any purpose
  • No need to domicile your salary

Best instant personal loan of less than €4,000 (February 2023)

If the speed and little connection is what interests you the most in a loan, review the conditions of the Cofidis Direct Credit . As it is a product designed to obtain immediate liquidity, its interest is higher (20.55% TIN and 22 60% APR), but it is still one of the best loans of the moment to get money in a few hours. This credit is ideal if you need from 500 euros  to 4,000 euros to finance any project. It can be requested between two holders and does not associate opening or study commissions. Fast and online credit ideal for the following profiles :

  • Customers who do not want to change banks
  • Cofidis reduces interest by 1% if you ask for it with another person
  • If you need to receive the money in a maximum of 24 hours

Quick credit and mini-credits are products designed to deal with a financial emergency. We offer you the list of the best quick online loans for contingencies with which you can obtain from 50 euros and up to 50,000 euros , depending on the credit, in less than 24 hours. With them, you will not have to justify why you need the financing.