Unveiling the iPhone X In 2017 meant that Apple entirely switched its design line. You will now have an entirely new iPhone with stunning features in your hand. In September 2018 Apple followed the same design on the outside. Many features on the inside. 

The XS Max is a larger option that gives us plenty of display yet in an iPhone at a massive 6.5in. 

An important fact is that the design is the same but the features differ across. Let’s see how. 

Design and Build 

Color selection is limited in the XS series. But this time you get the new Gold Finish. The new aluminum frame makes the XS Max look and feel different. The color Gold is much darker this time and is somewhat in contrast to the display on the front. The gold band around the camera lens is noticeable even if you put the phone in a protective case. And you probably will do so as you know the replacement parts for iPhone XS MAX are expensive. Minor damage to the back glass or front display can cost you. You might need a replacement display for XS Max. Even if it does have the most durable glass yet the repair cost for the broken screen is painful. 

The XS MAX is heavier and massively big so it is not pocket friendly. It is not comfortable enough to place in my jeans pocket. It will keep you irritated throughout the day. Though you can keep it in your jacket pocket.  

The XS MAX is waterproofing from IP67 To IP68, which means you can take it into the water up to 2m for up to 30 mins. 


The massive display will leave you stunned when you have your first see it. Though it’s remarkable and impressive enough on the XS Max and certainly is the wow factor for the XS Max. 

It features 458ppi pixel density, but with a much more enhanced resolution. Offering a better contrast ratio. 

With the OLED DISPLAY, now it’s much easier to see in bright light. It has fantastic color accuracy and precision. Offers more viewing angles than the previous iPhones.  

The color remains rigid even when the lightning conditions change with the true tone enabled. 

The giant size and resolution don’t offer any extra interface to the user. The iOS menus and applications are much bigger. But still, the big display is better and decent for video streaming. Better than carrying a mac or an iPad. 

The massive screen requires more protection. So, we suggest you use the phone with a tempered glass protector. Else it will always be a moment of worry if the display breaks. The repair is expensive and apple charges much more for the original replacement parts of XS Max. You can get cheaper replacement parts for XS Max if you surf the internet. 

Processor, Memory, and Storage 

The A12 Bionic processor is undeniably impressive. It is the first processor to be manufactured using the 7nm process. The use of smaller processors provides more power efficiency. This small processor empowers the extra 90 minutes of battery life over the XS Max.  

The XS MAX is comparatively a rock-hard phone that is fantastically sleek for daily world use. The applications respond with a single tap and you won’t even see a single shutter while exploring iOS. 

The XS Max enfolds a neural engine that features the ability to process images faster. Plus, you get the smart HDR. This neural engine makes the AI recognition system perform well and faster. 

Dual SIM 

The most significant feature which iOS users can’t resist is the dual sim option. While this action cannot be performed physically. A single nano fit inside the XS Max Sim Tray. The other is the optional E-sim, a Simard already mounted to the motherboard. 


The XS Max takes fantastic photos this is largely due to the powerful processing power of the A12 Bionic chipset. But also, the 12-megapixel vertical sensor. Combined it improves the performance in low light. Makes a significant difference to HDR PHOTOS and Video. The photos taken are sharper even with the moving objects. Thanks to Apple’s extended dynamic range in the video. 

The XS Max is one of the best devices for photography and video recording. Say no to the shutter lag and processing delay. Take photos in an instant. 

The XS Max can also be used to shoot smooth 4K videos. The new depth control feature in the camera application allows you to set the aperture in portrait mode. The slider for the aperture lets you move between f/1.4 and f/16. It sets the amount of blur in the background. 

The controlled simulation is achieved via the software and depth information retrieved from the twin rear vertical cameras. 

The rear camera lens is also made of glass and needs protection.  

The front 7mp camera hides under the notch along with other bits the earpiece and the FACE ID. The depth control feature is also available on the front camera. Despite the single camera on the front, you can still take selfies with blurry backgrounds. 

Battery life 

The XS MAX has a 3174mAh battery. The biggest capacity in an iPhone. The battery of the XS Max is effectively worse if you are an intense user you may need to charge it every night. With mild use, it lasts through the day. The supersized display drains much of the battery of the XS MAX. with the XS Max you get a standard 5W adapter. You can get a USB-C Type charger and cable online or official apple store for proper fast charging. 

You can still use the wireless charging but for that, you need a fast wireless charger, you’ll need to buy a wireless charger to do so. 


In some ways, the XS Max is the perfect phone. The ones who want a larger display for video streaming or gaming. The ones who need two sims. Significant upgrades to the camera and dynamic screen range make it a worthy phone. However, it still is a worthy phone, with the expensive repair cost. So, we’ll suggest you to a bit more careful, when you’re near the pool or running. A slight fall can leave you with pain and expensive repair. The repair parts of XS Max are durable and perfect. Apple care now has officially discontinued the XS MAX. THOUGH you can still buy the repair parts of XS Max at an affordable price online.