Every thing that we hold, Vedas, sacred and holy books, or even those who are spiritual have an astrological link. The feathers of a peacock are not different. But, there are two myths that astrologers believe in most. The first is that we can find a variety of Hindu mythological examples that explain the significance of peacocks with cultural elements that are part of this Hindu school of thought. In addition, Vedic online Astrology clarifies what is the importance of the significance of the symbolism attributed to the feathers of the peacock.

The Story of Indra Dev

Uttara Ramayana relates that the lord Indra Dev was forced to protect the life of his family by being encased inside the tail of a peacock for a thousand years to protect himself from the powerful Ravana who was determined to take away his power and position of being the crown-appointed king among ALL lords (DEVATAS). Lord Indra was so pleased by the loyalty of the peacock, that He blessed the bird with bright wings, which used to be pale. He also declared the birds unflinching in the face of snakes, brave, and possessing magical healing powers similar to Phoenix’s mythological bird.

The Story of Lord Krishna

There is a legend that says that at one time, Lord Krishna was enjoying a grazing session with his cows in the forest at Govardhan mountain. He began playing the flute and the tune created by it was so captivating that all the peacocks got excited in the forest and began to dance with happiness. The festival fascinated many even Gods in heaven. Lord Krishna continued to play his flute and appeared to be blessed for a number of days. After that, happy and humbled for his contribution to the joy of peacocks The king of peacocks presented Lord Krishna with his feathers in the form of Guru Dakshina.

Lord Krishna took all the feathers. When it touched its crown every feather of the peacock was sanctified and blessed with the power of all types, including magical healing capabilities.

5 Peacock Feather Remedies

Mythological tales, repeated time and time again, have revealed and affirmed that numerous Gods have granted peacocks pious blessings throughout the ages. There is a belief that there are a variety of remedies that peacock feathers can provide to solve nearly all issues we confront in everyday life. We have listed five of these solutions!

Peacock Feathers for Wealth

If you’re struggling with financial difficulties Peacock feathers may aid in removing obstacles that cause money issues. The many ways you can utilize peacock feathers for attracting wealth are the following.

Peacock Feathers is a remedy for every problem:

  1. Wealth and Prosperity
  2. to enhance the beauty of House Decor
  3. More love
  4. To get rid of the Vastu Doshas
  5. To neutralize the negative effects of Saturn
  6. To preserve the appeal of the office décor
  7. Promotes Good Health


  1. Go to any temple dedicated to Radha-Krishna, and place a few feathers of a peacock in the Lord’s crown. Krishna. Within 40 days take the peacock feathers home, and place them in the vessel following adding “Ganga Jal.” The process will increase your luck, as well as your success and wealth.
  2. To protect your finances, put an eagle feather in your book as well as your bedroom.
  3. Pick up eight feathers of a peacock and put them in the direction of the northeast of the home. Chant Om Somay Namah” while attaching them with white thread to take away Vastu Dosha from the home.
  4. Keeping peacock feathers in your pillow will prevent nightmares that are traumatic.
  5. The presence of a peacock feather inside the purse and secured by a black thread will lessen Rahu as well as Saturn’s horrible eye and harmful effects on your Kundli.
  6. Maintaining peacock feathers in the direction of the south attracts riches.
  7. Keeping it to the southeast is good for the health and well-being of the entire family.
  8. The feathers of a peacock are healing because they reduce health problems and negative energy when you keep them in your home.
  9. Maintaining Peacock feathers in your master bedroom will aid in enhancing the passion and love between couples.
  10. Maintaining Peacock feathers directed in the Northeast direction will diminish the harmful effects of Rahu within the family.