TikTok is one of the most remarkable and entertaining platforms which is used by many people around the globe. This very famous platform has gained too many attractions among users that too in a very short period of time. 

TikTok might not be so as easy as it looks and if you think that you know all then it is not the case. Users like you usually find it very difficult to change some settings of this app which are basic like how to remove red silhouette filter on tiktok. 

Removing Red Filter on the Tiktok Platform 

The red filter on tiktok might be loved by many users but for some users, it can be irritating also and those users want to get it removed. But the issue is that you cannot remove this filter completely from tiktok. 

In this blog of ours, we are going to guide you so that you can know how to get rid filter off tiktok, if you are interested in knowing about this then you need to have to go through this blog till the end of it. 

What is Red Filter Called on TikTok?

The red filter which you see on tiktok is usually known as the Vin rouge filter where vin rouge stands for red and for tiktok it basically means that it turns the entire screen into the red. This filter is usually used to create videos by many users on tiktok. 

Remove Red Filter on TikTok by Changing the App Theme 

If you want to remove silhouette challenge videos without red light then these steps will be useful for you. Since you know that it is not possible to remove the filter directly which is why you can change the theme of the app which you can do using the steps here. 

First of all, you need to open the settings app and then you have to hit on the display option followed by which you have to press on dark mode. 

Now, you have to turn on the toggle for the manual option and then press on the manage apps in the dark mode tab. 

You have to now look for the tiktok app and then turn on the toggle after which just tap on the ok button. 

Removing Red Filter from a Video of Tiktok 

To know how to remove red filter on tiktok videos you can use tools like inshot and to use it you need to install it on your device. 

Now, you have to hit on the video option and then on the saved video in the inshot app. 

Click on the tick symbol and tap on the filter option following which hit on adjust button.

Now decrease the saturation and tint to a minimum and then increase the lightness slider. 

Once, you are done with it you will see that the red filter on your video has been removed and you will be able to see the video of tiktok without the red filter on your device.

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