What is daily car insurance?

  • Insurance for days can be contracted to protect any type of vehicle except buses.
  • They last between 1 and 28 days.
  • In order to take out car insurance for days, it is necessary to be over 21 years of age and have had a driving license for more than 12 months.

In terms of vehicles, Spanish legislation is clear and conclusive: «every owner of motor vehicles that has its usual parking lot in Spain will be obliged to subscribe and keep in force an insurance contract for each vehicle owned, which covers, up to the amount of the limits of compulsory insurance, civil liability”. In other words, every car, motorcycle, truck, or van is required to have Car insurance that includes, at least, the guarantee of civil liability against third parties.

The contracting of this mandatory policy, which can be completed with other coverage, is usually done for annual periods, but for some time Spanish drivers have had another way of doing it. While the most common is to take out insurance that protects the vehicle for 12 months,  products are emerging on the market that allows vehicles to be insured for shorter periods. Thus, it is possible to take out car insurance for Days or insurance for Weeks, although it is this first modality that we are going to explain in this article.

Cars with foreign registration

In addition to vehicles with Spanish license plates, some vehicles with foreign license plates can also be temporarily insured. Thus, those who are registered in the European Union, with the exception of those with Italian license plates, will be able to insure themselves for a few days. Of course, the only available way is by phone.

Other special license plates

But not only cars with foreign registrations can access temporary insurance, but also some with special registrations. Red, green, diplomatic, and special are insurable in this modality. Short-Term Car Insurance – Reasons To Go For

Take out car insurance, annual or per day

Having car insurance is mandatory for any vehicle owner, regardless of whether it is moving or immobilized. Each user has their own insurance needs, so an annual policy may not be the ideal solution for all types of drivers. Whether you are looking for car insurance for Days or a car policy for the whole year, you can contract it quickly, easily, and without giving up savings.

What is temporary car insurance?

Temporary car insurance is one that offers coverage on the vehicle for a very limited and usually short period of time. This type of insurance can be contracted for months, weeks, and even days.

When to take out temporary car insurance?

Temporary car insurance responds to needs that are somewhat different from those of a normal policy. In general, insuring a car for days, weeks or months is more expensive than doing it for a period of one year, but there are some specific cases in which it may be worth taking out one of these policies: 

Temporary insurance for a rented car

Rental cars are one of the cases in which insurance for days can be useful. Car rental companies usually offer insurance for the rented car, although sometimes the coverage can make the product significantly more expensive. Taking out an insurance policy for a rented car can lower the bill.   

Temporary insurance for a trip abroad

Not all traditional insurance policies allow their clients to travel with the vehicle abroad. In the event that the policyholder is going to take a trip outside of Spain for a few days, it may not be necessary to change the insurance policy, but it is enough to take out one of these temporary insurances

Temporary insurance for a car that is going to be sold

The cars that are for sale are other candidates to be provisionally insured. Many owners decide to put a vehicle up for sale when the annual policy expires, so as not to have to pay the same, but the car is not always sold immediately.

If the expiration date of the annual policy arrives, it is not necessary to contract another insurance for a full year, but it is possible to register one of these policies for a few days or weeks until the sale of the vehicle is completed.  

Temporary insurance for a foreign car

Buying a car abroad is an interesting option for some drivers since, sometimes, interesting discounts are obtained. But when moving to Spain and before registering, it is necessary to have insurance and companies do not usually extend policies to cars with registrations from other countries.  

Therefore, in this case, a car can be insured for days, with the aim that your vehicle complies with the law during the days in which the procedures are being carried out and until it can be insured in the traditional way. 

Insurance for days for a classic car

Undoubtedly, one of the clearest cases of vehicles that need to take out this type of policy is classic car insurance. Most of the collectors who keep one of these vehicles do not usually drive it daily, but rather use it to go from time to time to concentrations or events. There are insurances for specific days for this type of car.  

What characteristics does temporary insurance have?

There are different temporary car insurance options, depending on the coverage that you want to contract, but the offer is much smaller than in traditional insurance. Although in other neighboring countries you can find almost as much variety of companies as for annual insurance, in Spain, for the moment, you have to settle for few options.

Likewise, another of the characteristics of this provisional car insurance lies in the temporary variables that it offers us since we can contract a policy for days, insurance for months, or even weeks. In the case of receiving the policy receipt after completing the period, it is important to know how to return the insurance receipt without having consequences with the company.