Your kitchen requires lots of storage space, and that’s why cabinets make up most of your kitchen because they offer immense storage space. They contribute to the aesthetics of the place and work as a deciding factor in whether your kitchen will be a piece of art or cluttered.

Different types of cabinets are available in the market, but which one is right for you? This guide has discussed the various types of cabinets and their pros and cons.

If you have no idea what will fit your kitchen best, consult a professional for a kitchen remodel in San Diego to make the right choice.

Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets: Pros and Cons

The 3 basic types of kitchen cabinets are tall, wall, and base.

Tall cabinets

Tall cabinets are tall, as the name suggests, and they occupy a major kitchen area. They are modeled on the walls, extending from floor to ceiling, or you can choose the freestanding options, which mirror closets. Both large and small kitchens can choose them as they are spacious and multipurpose. They can store anything from large containers to pantry items and even ovens. They are also known as pantry cabinets.


  • They are multifunctional.
  • They offer immense storage capacity.
  • Using a glass door, they can be converted to a beautiful display for your crockery, giving your kitchen a classy look.
  • If your tall kitchen cabinets reach floor to ceiling, it lessens cleaning on those tall spaces.
  • They add a class and high-end look to your kitchen.


  • The higher the cabinet, the more difficult it is to reach.
  • If you are looking for a high-class cabinet made of hardwood and completed with a glass door, it will cost a fortune.
  • In a small kitchen, they can take up most of the space, leaving it closed and less airy.

Wall Cabinets

Wall cabinets are mounted on the kitchen walls. They can be all around the walls using screws and create a lot of storage space. The type of wall cabinets you install can change the way your kitchen looks. They can be both covered and open. For your creative self, if you want a decorative area, you can install open wall cabinets and display some chick art pieces. They can be used to keep lightweight items and pantry items you do not use regularly. Partial or full inlay cupboard doors can be a deciding factor as to how your kitchen will look like. 


  • Their aesthetic appeal and storage capacity have made them an essential part of every kitchen remodel in San Diego.
  • They can securely store crockery, mugs, utensils, and pantry items that are not regularly used.
  • They don’t block kitchen space as they are installed overhead.


  • They require a professional’s help to install.
  • They are not very easy to reach.
  • They are not easy to clean.

Base Cabinets

Base cabinets are the staple kitchen cabinets that form part of every kitchen. They are installed on floors, beneath the kitchen counter, and under the kitchen platform. They are of various kinds. Drawers, pullouts, shelved cabinets, lazy Susans, etc., are all base cabinets. Whether it is spices, cutlery, appliances, pantry items, utensils, etc., all of these find a place in base cabinets. As kitchen platforms are essential, so are the base cabinets.


  • They are the best place to store items of everyday use.
  • They are easily accessible.
  • They don’t cost extra as the kitchen platform is built above them. They are necessities.


  • If you have a small kitchen, base cabinets can cramp it up.
  • They jam foot traffic.
  • Kids often find them interesting to hide in, which can be risky.

Why Are Kitchen Cabinets Important?

Kitchen cabinets are essential due to following reasons:

  • Where do you intend to keep all the utensils, pantry items, appliances, etc., in your kitchen if you don’t have cabinets? They offer storage space.
  • When you dream of a kitchen, you expect it to be aesthetically appealing. Kitchen cabinets offer the design and required aesthetics for your kitchen.
  • They keep your kitchen space organized. By installing quality kitchen cabinets, you increase the value of your home, as most buyers look for spacious kitchens facilitated by kitchen cabinets.

What Type of Kitchen cabinets Are Best For You?

It solely depends on your kitchen’s design and your expectations from your dream kitchen. You must consider your needs and preferences first. Do you need lots of storage space? If yes, then tall kitchen cabinets are good for you.

Your kitchen size is also important. If your kitchen is small, tall cabinets will make it look more cramped if you want to save space. Then drawers and pullouts base cabinets are good options. For a properly ventilated kitchen, wall cabinets will work. Consider the pros and cons mentioned above, align them with your expectations and budget, hire a professional for a kitchen remodel in San Diego, and consult them for the best suggestions.

Final Words

Every kitchen is unique, and its unique needs require considering several factors before making your dream kitchen that is organized, spacious, airy, and a happy place to cook in.