Have you purchased a new home and want to furnish your new living room, or have you decided you want a new look for your current living room? Either way, trendy modern lounge chairs can create a look that is both elegant and functional.


One of the unique features of lounge chairs are the side panels. The chair arms have a channel so you can easily slide in the panels. You can elect not to have a panel, but if you choose a panel, you have plenty of options for your laser-cut design:

  • Hexagons
  • Circles
  • Leaves
  • Feathers
  • Zigzag patterns
  • Animal print
  • Color bars
  • Houndstooth
  • Sunbursts
  • Raindrops on water

The designs reflect the art deco style popular in the United States and Europe during the 1920s and 1930s. Best of all, the panels are interchangeable. You may prefer to change your panels to match the seasons. Imagine getting a whole new look for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new chair.


You want your chair to have an attractive yet comfortable seat. You can get 100 percent Belgian linen. Made from the fibers of the flax plant grown in Belgium, Belgian linen is known for its softness and durability. It also holds colors well over time. The fabric has a Teflon coating, which is stain-resistant. You may prefer leather upholstery. Top-grain leather is placed under a light buffering process. The process helps the dyes to absorb and helps to minimize blemishes that can appear in leather.

Choose the color of your fabric to complement your panels. Whether you go with bright red or gray, select the color that brings the style you want to your living room. Consider the type of furniture you already have in your living room and the color of your walls. See what color fits your tastes and the theme you want to convey.

Modern living room with gray furniture

The Structure

You can find lounge chairs for your living room that are made to last. The chairs are handcrafted in the United States. They use mortise-and-tenon joints, one of the strongest joints in woodworking. The mortise is the recess cut into a piece of wood, and tenon is the tongue at the end of a board that fits securely into the mortise. This tried-and-true method of construction gives you a sturdy piece of furniture worthy of your investment.

The chair is made of dried ash and maple. The solid wood is kiln dried. Using a kiln, you’re able to control the air circulation, the temperature, and the humidity while drying wood. The wood dries uniformly and with the right amount of moisture. Kiln-drying cuts down on warping or small cracks that can occur during the drying process.


You don’t have to stop at your chairs when selecting art deco style furniture. You can decorate your whole house with a look, or you can select a few pieces, like a credenza, a coffee table, and end tables, to match your chairs. With the interchangeable panels, you can get several new looks.


You can customize your own chair with three easy clicks on your computer, laptop, or other mobile devices. Choose your wood, panel, and fabric. Place your order, and within three days, your stylish chair will be on its way. There’s no charge for shipping.

Contact a representative at Twist Modern or visit www.twistmodern.com to see modern lounge chairs for sale. If you don’t find the perfect chair, you can customize your own.