Bathroom renovation is a hectic task, and doing it all alone is more complicated. You need to decide on all the important details associated with it like the bathroom basin taps.

Bathroom taps are not only an accessory in your washroom but serve the basic function of providing water for various purposes. You need to use such taps that are both efficient and good-looking and sync with the bathroom’s aesthetics. Right from the high-end pieces to the cheaper ones, you will be spoilt for your choices. But choosing from them can make you go haywire.

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Top Tips to Follow

It can be puzzling for you initially to select the best tapware for your bathroom. But if you have some tips at your disposal, then the work will be easier. Like:

Tapware to Complement your Basin

Since you have already purchased the basin, your tap should be adjusted to the existing one smoothly, in terms of style and size.

You can opt for the bathroom basin taps that are in trend these days, or any other taps that you like.

The wall-mounted basin taps are fixed to the wall and give you a larger space near the basin. The sleek and modern design of these taps is one of the reasons for their rising demand.

Along with this, remember to pick a spout whose dimension area is apt for your basin. Any spout that is too long or too short can lead to splashing and spoil the overall finish. For example, for a deep in-set basin, tapware with a longer spout is more suitable than the shorter one.

Tapware Matching the Bathtub or Shower

The bathtub or shower that you have in your bathroom will direct your selection for the tapware, which can be from the range of top-mounted taps.

There are more styles from which you can choose:

  • Mixer tap: these taps come with a single handle with a spout controlling the water temperature and flow.
  • Three-piece tap: There will be two taps. One for hot and the other for cold water accompanied by a single spout.
  • Freestanding mixers: It is one of the sought-after taps that features a simple bath tap rising from the floor.

If you want a beautiful shower experience, then the pairing of the right shower head is a must. There are options like single-head, multiple, rain, and water shower heads for you.

Colours and Finishes

The tap design depends on the color of the walls, flooring, and the allied components of your bathroom. It can be contemporary or traditional, and accordingly, your pick should be for the taps.

In terms of metals, there are various ranges like stainless steel, brass, chrome, and coated finishes like brushed metals and matte black.

The monochromatic, industrial taps are coated with nickel or rose gold to give a classy look.
In the case of a modern and sophisticated basin mixer, stainless steel, chrome, and bright-coloured taps are perfect.

If you are into traditional patterns, then brass, chrome, gold, or cream finish can be chosen.

Consistency is Important

If you want a cohesive look and feel in your washroom, then make sure that all the elements of your bathroom coordinate well with each other.

The shape of your tapware and the bathroom fixtures should be able to create the ambiance that you want in your bathroom to make your time delightful in that place.

Apart from the tips given above, if you need any further information on selecting the right pillar taps, then you need to discuss this matter with the reputed bathroom tapware supplier. They will be able to guide you and help to purchase the perfect tapware.

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