In recent years, we have seen  massive popularity of plastic usage in plumbing. The idea of aplastic pipe solution was introduced in the 1980s. Slowly the popularity increased, and today, we use plastic for almost all our domestic and commercial purposes. In the plumbing sector, plastic has gained more popularity due to the numerous advantages it comes with.

In this blog, we will discuss how plastic plumbing and fittings are among the first choice of users.

Reasons to Choose Plastic Plumbing Pipes and Fittings:

Plastic water pipes and taps are widely used fittings for plumbing in homes and industrial settings. You must know that plastic fittings are durable, leakproof, and easy to transport and install. What more do plastic pipes and fittings have to offer to the users? Let us find out!

1.     No specialised tool requirement

Remember when the plumber used to carry a heavy toolbox consisting of several tools while visiting your house to carry out repairs? Today, as time has changed and plastic has been adopted as a manufacturing material for pipes and fittings, plumbers require only a few specialised tools to install or repair the fittings.

The plastic pipes and fittings only use the press-fit method for installation. Once the cutting and measurement tasks are done, the pipes can be fitted easily. Similarly, for the taps and other fittings, you need to check with the measurements and simply twist and lock them.

2.     Enhancing the value of new buildings

Today, age-old buildings are being renovated or rebuilt along with new projects, wherein the users choose plastic pipes and fittings instead of the traditional copper and bronze pipes. It is because plastic is not only easy to install, but it also enhances the property value over time.

Cross-linked polyethylene plastic for pipes and fittings are engineered materials designed especially to keep the pipes strong for decades. Not only are they attractive, they also offer prolonged durability, these pipes and fittings do not corrode, they can last longer than alternative materials. This adds a significant impact on a newly constructed or renovated building.

3.     Easy fittings and a wide variety of colours

Plastic fittings are 40% faster to fit and install than copper and bronze pipes. Also, the best feature is that they come in several colours. Thus, users can choose the colour that best suits their needs.

4.     Easy to fix faults

Plastic pipes use push-fit technology, which means they are not only easy to install, as stated earlier but can be repaired easily. Simultaneously the chances of faults while installing these pipes and fittings are less because the fittings are demountable. Hence, in the future, if these pipes or fittings get damaged, then they can be fixed easily.

5.     Flexible to adapt to new building design

In the early 1900s, the buildings were simple, with a single floor along with wooden flooring and floorboards on the top. But today, modern buildings are specially engineered, keeping today’s rising demands in mind. For those wooden homes, a complex copper pipe solution was sufficient.

But, in modern buildings, as the structures are complex, the piping structuring has also changed. With the help of plastic pipes and plastic taps, plumbers and installers can thread pipework with the help of kiosks like cabling systems. Also, they can hide some unsightly pipework behind the wall, which will be more pleasing for architects and residents.

In a Nutshell

Thus, we have discussed how plastic water pipes and fittings have replaced traditional copper pipes. They are easy to install and repair, come in various sizes and colours, and provide a good scope for moulding into modern designs. As the designs are getting modern and complex, hence the solutions should also get modernised. Hence plastic pipes and fittings help architects and engineers to achieve it. If you are looking for a suitable plumbing solution for your new home, go for plastic pipes and fittings!