Are you looking for plywood for sprucing up your furniture? Do you struggle with differentiating good and bad quality ply? Are you looking for buying options too? If you answered with a ‘yes’ to any of the above questions or if this topic interests you, we’ve got you covered!

Do not get dismayed because you are not alone. Deciding upon the right quality, certification, and warranty can be overwhelming for novices. This write-up is a personalized guide that will help you buy good quality plywood and where to shop for it.

Plywood is an arrangement of thin layers of wood bound very firmly together with grains in between. This gives a solid structure to the wood and so is the best material for building furniture. You must know that plywood is available in the market in innumerable varieties. From water to molecule-resistant, there is a special ply based on your requirement.

 Here is a list of factors that one must keep in mind before buying plywood.

  • Match it to your need to ensure it fulfills the purpose.
  • Good quality ply is ISI certified. You must also check the CML number that is unique for each manufacturer.
  • Ensure that the thickness of the panel is consistent from all corners and on both sides.
  • Bad-quality plywood is hollow. You can check this by knocking on the panel.
  • You can ask for a small piece of plywood that can be used to check the water resistance and nail-holding capacity.

One important decision in purchasing plywood is to choose the right manufacturer. Despite having ample traditional Plywood manufacturers in India, these days, you can use the internet for this purpose as well. There are a variety of websites selling good quality plywood online. However, just like shopping for other commodities buying plywood via offline and online modes will have its own set of boons and banes.

Buying Plywood Offline:-


  • You can physically examine the plywood on the spot.
  • There will be no delivery time.
  • People with less knowledge of good ply can be guided by the workers.


  • It could be a task to go out and look for a reliable shop.
  • You need to bear the shipment cost and hassle.
  • Limited options.

Buy Plywood Online:-


  • You can shop easily from home, which will save you effort and time
  • Making comparisons between such wide varieties is very easy.
  • There is no pressure to make the purchase immediately, and you can look for discounts and offers too.
  • Your plywood gets delivered to your doorstep.


  • You cannot select plywood after a physical examination.
  • Returns and exchanges are troublesome and time-consuming.

You may assume that buying plywood through online platforms is a risky business because it cannot be physically examined. While it may be tricky, it is not an impossible task. All you need to do while shopping for it online is to do proper research. Once you’ve narrowed the possibilities of brands to shop from, you must look for platforms that sell them. You can then go ahead by looking at the different aspects mentioned above. The correct selection is the only crucial part. Once you’ve done that successfully you can avail rest of the services that online platforms offer with ease.


Once you’ve gone through the requirements of your plywood and other factors that make it good quality, cost, warranty, authenticity, etc., you can easily go online and shop for it. You can readily find a long list of good and reliable plywood manufacturers in India and so wide varieties online. We hope that, if not resolved, this article eased your hesitation about looking for the plywood that suits your needs the best. And the next time someone needs advice in plywood shopping, your experience comes in handy!