In these fast-paced times where our interests are skipping from one thing to another within a matter of minutes, our lives have become horse races. Running after the trendy things. And it is okay. But should our homes not reflect that? Should there not be a modern solution for our modern homes?

Obviously, we cannot change our homes every time a new fashion hits the trend market, but we can get a little closer to that. One of these trends was and still is keeping precautions against Covid along with other viruses and bacteria. These disrupted all our lives for almost two years, and in that time came ViroKill.

What is ViroKill?

ViroKill is a technology used in most CenturyPly products. This technology is used in CenturyPly Plywood and CenturyLaminates. It is made of nano-particles that are antifungal, antivirus and antibacterial. It has been tested to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

This technology was made specially to prevent the coronavirus in the year 2020. While we were busy doing nothing at our homes, the CenturyPly team created this amazing technology which is now used in most of the CenturyPly products.

Features of ViroKill

ViroKill is not only a virus killer. It offers other things too. Below are some of the main features of ViroKill:

1.      Longevity

The technology used in the plywood and laminate for furniture is certified to last as long as the piece of furniture does. It does not come with an expiry date because those anti-nanoparticles are infused in the polymer matrix system, making them a part of the furniture piece.

Once you have it, you neither need to worry about bacteria, viruses or fungi nor about this technology running out.

2.      Non-toxic

Considering it is infused with antibacterial and antivirus particles, you might think it is not good for the touch. We are happy to prove you wrong and state that products infused with ViroKill technology are toxic-free.

They can be touched by anyone without any risk whatsoever.

3.      Thermostable

On top of the above two amazing features, ViroKill is also thermostable. In simpler words, it does not react to heat, sunlight, moisture or humidity. So you do not have to worry about the particles reacting with the heat or the sunlight and making something else entirely. It is safe in every condition.

Why should you get products infused with this technology?

To all of us, our health, along with our family’s health, is the most important thing in life, and when the pandemic hit, this realisation was made stronger every day. Now, in these uncertain times, we can never be sure about anything at all.

And, hence being as precautious as one can have become the new normal. In this scene, having a home where you can feel the safest has become extremely important.

With this technology, you can make sure that, at least in your home, you are away from the grave dangers exposed by viruses, bacteria, fungi and such. ViroKill technology in CenturyPly products kills these unwanted guests on touch, leaving you untroubled.

How can you get the products embedded with this technology?

You can go to a hardware store near you and ask them if they have ViroKill plywood or laminates by CenturyPly, or you can visit the CenturyPly website and click on ‘dealers near you’ to find plywood suppliers or laminate manufacturer who offers ViroKill embedded products near you.


Now that you know everything about ViroKill technology by CenturyPly, we think it might just be the right choice for you, your tastes and your home. This is the modern solution for your modern home. It will keep you one step ahead and closer to the ever-growing trends nowadays.