Many people are still unaware of the fact that indoor gardening is rising in popularity among the public. Every day, thousands of posts about indoor gardening appear on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. One of the main reasons people switch to indoor gardening is that houseplants enhance their well-being and health. Here are some of the most significant benefits of indoor gardening and living and working with plants. Many people enjoy being in and working in the greenspaces created by the plants around them. Here are some science-backed benefits of indoor plants:

Stress Levels Are Reduced by Indoor Plants

Plants or pot plants in your home or surrounding or office is something that can make you feel very natural, soothed and also comfortable. It is also supported by a journal of physiological anthropology. In a study, the participants were given two distinct kinds of tasks. One was to replant a plant in the pot, and another was to complete a small system- or computer-based task. After every task, the researchers measured or took note of the biological factors linked with stress, heart rate, and blood pressure too. Also, it was found that indoor gardening work reduced the participants’ stress. On the other hand, computer tasks increased the heart rate and blood pressure, even though the participants were young men who used computers. So, the researchers came to the conclusion that working with plants reduced all kinds of stress—mental and physical.

Original Plants Can Improve Your Attention 

In a study, researchers had 20 participants, and they put in every student’s classroom real plant, fake plants, pictures of the plants, and no plants at all. They found that the students who were studying plants close to real ones had improved attention. They were more attentive and better able to focus on the subject, compared to the ones with fake plants, pictures of plants, or no plants. It was revealed in a brain scan.

Working with plants can be healing

You can check online for indoor plants in Melbourne. Many people there experience the symptoms of mental illness; in such a scenario, indoor gardening can be very helpful. Besides that, the researchers have used plant therapy or horticultural therapy to enhance the feelings of well-being among the people suffering from dementia, anxiety, and depression. Apart from that, many medicine centres in England are prescribing potted plants to people or patients suffering from anxiety or depression.

Speedy Recovery from Sickness or Illness

Looking at plants and having the plants near you can help you speedily recover from a surgery, injury, or illness. This can help such people recover faster and heal. So, hospitals must have plants in a patient’s room for quick healing.


Plants in the workplace and at home increase creativity and productivity, according to several studies and research. A study from 1996 found that the students who had plants placed nearby were less stressed during the computer lab work compared to those who had no plants. Also, a 2007 study found that people with more plants in the office were the ones who got fewer or no sick days and were more productive in their work. So, having plants in the surrounding area is good for health and well-being.