We recognize Traditional Chinese Medicine that receiving a cancer diagnosis for yourself. Or a loved one may be a difficult and emotional moment for you and your family. In this post, we will discuss how TCM for Cancer Singapore Clinics may assist enhance. The patient’s quality of life during this trying time by giving cancer support via. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Technology-Enhanced Therapies along your path to recovery.

Cancer sufferers are increasingly turning to TCM for cancer assistance in recent years. We meet a growing number of patients in our clinic. Who are suffering from the adverse effects of chemotherapy medications or radiation treatment. And are looking for additional TCM therapies to lessen. The side effects and relieve symptoms such as pain management.

Why is TCM used?

Many clinical trials have indicated that Traditional Chinese Medicine may help with therapies for breast, stomach, and lung cancer. One study found that when TCM was administered as a supplementary treatment with conventional chemotherapy. Patients had a higher survival rate, a better response to chemotherapy, and fewer adverse effects. Such as vomiting and red blood cell reduction.

TCM, guided by therapeutic principles of tonifying Qi and producing Blood. Strengthening the Spleen and Stomach, nourishing the Liver and Kidney. And removing Heat or inflammation from Blood and toxic material from the body. Can improve the effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy in fighting cancer. Cancer patients must also maintain a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. In order for their bodies to perform properly before and after treatment. Here are some tips on how to eat well during and after chemo/radiotherapy.

TCM plays an important role in the treatment of advanced cancer patients, the elderly, and those who are unable to receive radiation or chemotherapy. T has been shown in studies to stabilize tumor lesions, reduce symptoms, improve quality of life, and extend survival time. TCM administered at an early stage may minimize the incidence of cancer in terms of preventative therapy before illness start. A study on esophageal cancer discovered that the incidence rate of precancerous lesions was lower in the TCM therapy group than in the control group.

Perhaps TCM has always been a perplexing topic for you, with ideas and phrases that are difficult to understand (like in the above paragraph!). However, there is growing evidence that may link TCM diagnoses to Western medical disorders. We hope that this article will help to demystify TCM and increase your understanding and awareness so that you can make an educated choice about using TCM therapies in your recovery.

What Is Cancer, Exactly?

Cancer, according to the Singapore Cancer Society, is a word that refers to a collection of disorders that are all distinguished by abnormal cell proliferation. When the normally controlled process of cell division and growth fails, the cells expand and divide in an uncontrollable manner. They may create tumors as they continue to grow and replicate.

Tumors are classified as benign or malignant. The former is a tumor that grows and divides in the same location but does not spread to other sections of the body. Malignant tumors, on the other hand, are life-threatening tumors that spread and penetrate into other regions of the body via metastasis.

What, According To Traditional Chinese Medicine, Causes Cancer?

1) Immune deficiency

  • Because Qi is a defense mechanism that protects the body, decreased Qi caused by poor digestive function leads in reduced immunity.
  • Coldness inhibits the flow of Qi and blood, causing stagnation.
  • Emotions and stress hinder Qi flow.

2) Inadequate blood circulation

  • It might be caused by accumulating coldness in the body. This might be due to the external environment or the regular consumption of cold-natured foods.
  • Inability to promote blood flow due to a lack of Qi (energy). As a result, many cancer patients experience chilly symptoms and have cold extremities.
  • Because the blood is thick and turbid, it is stagnant.

3) Phlegm Dampness Buildup

  • Reduced digestive function
  • Excessive consumption of cold or oily/greasy foods
  • Cold conditions inhibit the Spleen’s capacity to convert food into nutritional essence, lowering Qi and blood production.
  • Toxins accumulate as a consequence of infrequent bowel movements.

4) Exposure to environmental moisture

  • Toxins in the environment
  • Being exposed to a wet and chilly environment

How Can Traditional Chinese Medicine Help Cancer Patients Recover?

TCM views cancer therapy holistically, with a methodical approach to treating and improving the body’s state. Based on the determined underlying cause, the physician tailors a therapy to the patient (s).

To meet the growing demand for TCM treatments in conjunction with conventional cancer treatments, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine has formed partnerships with foreign academic institutions in TCM research focusing on cancer, with the goal of transforming TCM from an experience-based practice to evidence-based medicines through innovation and differentiation. We look forward to future innovation and research to help you recover even more effectively!

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