If you’re looking for an EMR to replace your current software, consider Valant. The software has many features that can help your practice, including better clinical organization and note-taking. It also has features to help with patient outcomes and accounts receivable. It’s been helping medical professionals deliver better care since 2005, and it has an 80% user satisfaction rating.

Learning curve

Although Valant’s EMR is an advanced solution for behavioral health practices, there’s a learning curve for this software. The interface isn’t always intuitive and can be somewhat confusing. It is also important to note that the system synchronizes one way, so you’ll need to log in to make any changes.

Valant’s EHR offers features such as integrated credit card processing, electronic claims submission, balance reports generation, multi-provider practice, electronic prescribing, and assessment and treatment plans. The software also offers secure two-way messaging and appointment reminders. It also offers hosted practice paperwork, which makes it competitive with WebPT and Epic.

Valant is a comprehensive mental health EHR, which integrates patient medical records, revenue tracking, and clinical workflows. Its user interface (UI) and robust reporting and billing features streamline clinical workflows, manage client records, and track revenue. The system also features an extensive library of measures and rating scales, which make it easy for clinicians to gauge patient progress.


Valant is an EMR system that offers a cloud-based interface. Its features include billing, customizable note templates, and outcome measures. While it costs more than many other options, it’s also perfect for large practices. Its founder, David Lischner, MD, developed the software with the goal of improving medical outcomes.

The company’s web editor is easy to use, but it could use a bit more tweaking. Valant EMR is not compatible with Mac computers, so Mac users may not want to use it. There are some customization options available, but they are a bit pricey for the first time user.

Built-in outcomes measures are an important feature for some users. These metrics can help a practice negotiate higher reimbursement rates. Moreover, it can help doctors deliver data-driven treatment. Valant is a good choice for behavioral health practitioners.


Despite Valant EMR’s features, many practices find it lacking in integrations. The lack of integrations can be a deal breaker for some practices. However, all is not lost. Allscripts recently announced a deal with the Social Security Administration to support its EHR. After selling off its hospital division to a Canadian company, Allscripts is focusing more on this government business.

Valant EHR is a behavioral health-focused EMR that is designed to improve administrative and clinical efficiency. It includes built-in features for patient intake, medication management, billing, and telehealth. It also includes back office functions, including automated charge creation, claim turnaround, and electronic remittance advice.


Valant has a full suite of integrated telehealth solutions. This comprehensive suite of software includes built-in outcome measures and automatic score tracking to help you achieve higher reimbursement rates. Its features also enable you to deliver data-driven treatment and provide better patient care. The software’s calendar interface lets you see upcoming appointments and can filter by provider and day. One disadvantage to using the calendar is that it syncs only one way. To update it, you must log in to the Valant system and then make any changes.

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Telehealth requires proper equipment and a good internet connection. It is also important to ensure that the patient is comfortable using the virtual platform. For example, some practices use cheat sheets or screenshots to guide patients through the process. Others may give patients a test visit before the actual telehealth visit to iron out any glitches. If there is a problem, make sure the patient is aware of it so they can contact you.

Integrations with Epic

Epic EHR is one of the top-selling EMRs in the US. Valant EMR has been integrating with Epic EMR since 2015. The integration is easy to set up and requires only a few steps. The first step is to create an account in Epic App Orchard. This platform offers access to Epic’s APIs and allows developers to list their applications.

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Once you have chosen your integration, the next step is to find out what the Epic EHR API has to offer. This API offers various types of data and information, including allergy markers and medical history. It’s easy to find the endpoints you need and then include them into your application code. After completing this process, you can go ahead and use the integration. Read more