Any new technology brings along new avenues and new health risks as well. For sure, computers have become a primary device to study, work, or conduct business all over the world.

An increasing amount of time is now being spent in front of computer screens by the users.

While no one will disagree that overall productivity has jumped, a long time in front of computers has also brought on symptoms ranging from eyestrain, and dry eyes to headaches with blurred vision.

These symptoms are together called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is caused by the fact that the eyes and brain react differently to the words popping up on a screen than to the printed words.

Using Special Computer Eyeglasses

The typical prescription glasses are not suitable for repelling these symptoms. Many times it has been seen that computer users with basic prescription glasses, to enjoy better vision, try to lean forward toward the screen. Or, they watch the screen through the bottom portion of the lenses.

These tricks will not work; instead, they will cause back and shoulder pain. Special computer glasses offered at Stanton Optical Modesto are a great alternative that can help you deal with CVS and allow you to use computers without putting your vision at risk.

There are 3 different types of specially designed computer glasses such as:

  1. Single-vision computer glasses are the basic kind with the entire lens designed for, viewing the computer monitor. Though single-vision computer glasses are common among users, they come with a disadvantage – objects farther and closer than the computer screen appear blurred.
  2. Like basic bifocal glasses, Flat – Top bifocals have their lenses separated in two halves. The top half is used for seeing the screen, while the bottom half is used for dealing with nearby objects.
  3. Computer glasses with variable focus come with tiny top segments at the top and bottom of the lens, which are used to view nearby and distant objects. The large middle region is used to view the computer screen.

The Sum Up

Summing up, at an online eyeglass store such as Stanton Optical Modesto, you will probably find the widest range of prescription glasses and computer glasses at the most affordable prices. However, before making a decision to purchase a pair of computer eyeglasses online, make sure you collect an updated prescription from a trained optometrist.