Azee 500 mg Tablets are an anti-biotic that is used for treating bacterial infection in the throat, nose the tonsils, the skin, lungs, ears etc. It acts by stopping the production of proteins so that are required to promote bacterial growth. It also stops further growth of bacterial cells and growth.

Azee 500MG Tablet could cause adverse reactions such as abdominal pain and diarrhoea headache, nausea, etc. See your doctor if symptoms continue or become more severe. Take immediate medical attention when you notice symptoms such as the appearance of a skin rash, swelling/itching on the tongue, face or throat, breathing difficulties and so on.

Azee 500 mg Tablet can be taken in conjunction with or without food as instructed by your physician. Azee 500 will begin to feel better within a few days. But, you must continue using this medication for the duration prescribed. Inadequately taking doses or failing to complete the course of treatment could increase the chance of developing a re-infection, which could be difficult to manage later on.

This medication is only effective in the treatment of infection caused by bacteria, not fungi or viruses. Azee 500 mg Tablet is not suggested to use if you’re sensitive to the. Inform your doctor if suffer from liver, heart, or kidney issues. Ask your doctor about it if you are planning the birth of a child, or nursing.

Side effects

Minor and major side effects of Azee 500MG Tablet

  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Stomach pain
  • Chest pain
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • HCQS 200

When is it appropriate to stop using?

Allergy reaction

Avoid using Azee 500 MG Tablet if you are sensitive to it. The occurrence of serious allergic reactions to this medication are extremely uncommon. But, you should seek medical attention if there are any signs such as skin rash, swelling/itching (especially of the mouth, tongue or face) or severe dizziness, breathing problems, etc.

Liver disease

Azee 500MG Tablets are not suggest in the event of an history of cholestatic jaundice (a condition which causes yellowing in the eyes and skin the whites of eyes due to an excess of bilirubin, which is a waste product, found in blood ) or liver damage so that is associated to previous use of the medication.

Special population warnings


Azee 500 mg Tablet could be safe to use during pregnancy since animal studies show so that it is not harmful to the foetus. However, due to the absence of human studies, you should consult your physician prior to using this medication if you are expecting.


Azee 500MG Tablet is absorbe into breastmilk in small quantities. If you are nursing, you should consult your physician to know the potential advantages and the risks prior to taking this medication.

General cautions

Resistance to antibiotics

Resistance to antibiotics occurs when bacteria are unable to respond to the antibiotics so that are intende for killing them. To avoid developing resistance, it is recommended to finish the entire course of treatment using Azee 500 mg Tablet even if you feel better after just a small amount.

Myasthenia gravis

Myasthenia gravis (myasthenia gravis) is an condition which causes weakness in the muscles in your skeletal which are responsible for moving. The signs include weak legs and arms, visual issues, impaired speech and swallowing difficulties, and more. Azee 500MG Tablet must be take with care when you suffer from myasthenia Gravis since it can aggravate the condition.


Azee 500 mg Tablet may cause diarrhoea due to the fact so that it could also kill beneficial bacteria inside your stomach, or your intestine. Contact a medical professional immediately in the event of extreme diarrhoea that is bloody or watery. Talk to your doctor prior to taking any anti-diarrhoeal medicine.

Operating machines or driving vehicles

Azee 500MG Tablet could cause dizziness in a few cases. So, do not drive vehicles or operating machines if get dizzy following having taken Azee 500 MG Tablet.

Kidney Impairment

Azee 500MG Tablet must be take with care in the case of an extreme kidney disease. It can cause build-up of this medication in your body and increase the risk of having side consequences. Your physician may suggest dose adjustments according to your severity illness.


Missed Dose

Be sure not to miss the dosing of Azee 500 mg Tablet. Do the missed dose as quickly so that you recall. If it’s time to take the next dose, you can skip the dose you missed. Don’t double the dose to make up for the missed dose.


Don’t exceed the dose prescribed by Azee 500 mg Tablet. In the event of an emergency, seek medical attention in the event of an excess dose Azee 500 mg Tablet.

General Instructions

Take Azee 500 MG Tablet either with and without eating. Don’t break, chew or smash the tablet. Do not exceed the recommended dose. You should take this medicine in the same order every throughout the day to see more effective outcomes. Do not give your medication to any other person even if their conditions appear to be similar to your own.

Continue the course of treatment to avoid any re-infection. In such instances it may take longer to cure the infection as bacteria are able to fight antibiotics. Talk to your doctor if are not feeling better after having completed your treatment.