Doing your workout at home can cut down on time spent going to the gym, and can also save money on gym memberships as well.

You require very little equipment to get a boxing workout at home and in this article , we will go through the various options that can help your needs to work at home, regardless of what else is going on in your daily life.

In this post, we’ll review all the equipment you might require, as well as difficult workouts that will challenge you regardless of the equipment you’re looking for.

Gym Mat:

The first thing we’ll need is a mat for the gym if we aren’t planning on lying on the floor sweating in our living space. A sturdy mat can provide the back with support and will keep the floor dry. Every boxing workout will likely include lots of Abs and Core work , and the workouts we do will be similar to other workouts.

It’s possible to get a good exercise mat for less than $15. We discovered the most effective alternative on Amazon.

Skipping Rope:

We love to begin our workouts with energetic warm-ups and skipping rope is an excellent method to get blood flowing and your heart rate to increase.

Skipping is an excellent form of boxing exercise since it stimulates the aerobic and anaerobic systems and also strengthens all the muscles of our shoulders, arms, and legs.

Skipping also aids us in improving how we coordinate our feet and hands which is vital when it comes to boxing.

The workouts we offer will include boxing as a way to warm up, and we strongly suggest you invest in an e-skipping rope to begin.

Light Dumbbells:

Once we’ve warmed up to the intense workout or are skipping rope, we’d like to shift into Shadow Boxing and there are many ways we can use to increase our conditioning, strength and actual boxing.

Light dumbbells that are less weight than 2.5 Lbs or 1.25 kilos will enable you to increase the strength of your shoulders, arms and can increase the power of your punches and speed.

We will make use of dumbbells until our arms become tired. We will move to shadowboxing, so now is the perfect time to introduce the following piece of equipment that will be require. A timer!

Boxing Headband:

You’ve probably seen Lomachenko as well as other famous boxers using the headbands for boxing that they use to hit the soft ball or tennis ball that is attach to a headband or headband. This is ideal method to end our shadow boxing sessions.

You can get one of these caps in our store today or purchase one on Amazon for just $20.

Liteboxer Fitness Bundle:

The Liteboxer Fitness Bundle is a fitness and health product that promotes boxing and is well-like because it blends a fantastic combination of light and music. An innovative weight loss and exercise alternative is the Liteboxer Fitness Bundle. This bundle will assist you to shed weight and lead an extravagant life.

The Liteboxer Fitness Bundle comes with various products to ensure you stay fit and healthy without needing to visit the gym. Wireless speakers and a portable bluetooth charger, a headset microphone and music are provided in the Liteboxer package.

Boxing Timer:

We must keep on track of our rounds. For this, we’ll require an electronic timer to keep an eye on the total number of rounds we’re doing and the duration of each round, and the remaining time between rounds.

If you’re looking for the genuine feeling of a physical timer This is the best timer on Amazon that won’t set you back more than a few hundred dollars. We’d like to have to have a timer that lets us know when there are thirty seconds left in the round, so that we can complete the rounds with grace.

You can also download an app on your mobile, however it doesn’t provide the full boxing experience at home.

There are a lot of great boxing timers, but you need to look for one that is completely free for Android and IOS. So, find one with positive reviews. It should be able to do the job quickly enough.

The Perfect Push-up Aidance Equipment:

The boxing training will not be complete without calisthenics or body weight exercises. We will conclude the rounds with squats and push ups and sit-ups to truly work the conditioning process.

Floyd Mayweather used push up assistance equipment . If you’re looking to perfect your push-ups, purchase the perfect equipment for push ups on Amazon for less than $10. We suggest using these to push your muscles fully and ensure you are doing it correctly every time.

Boxing Gloves:

If we’re going to hit punching bags, we’ll need gloves that go in conjunction with our wraps for complete protection. You don’t want to harm your wrist when you hit a bag with gloves in particular when you need hands to work with.

There are many high-end gloves to choose from however we prefer the Everlast Professional Style Gloves for Training. They are reasonably price, durable, well-made and provide excellent protection for our hands.

Pull Up Bar:

As we continue to add resistance training to our boxing routines We should certainly try to include the squat part of the upper part of our routine by using the pull-up bar at home. The bars can be attach to the door frame with not excessive effort so that we can add this exercise without too much effort.

Ankle Weights:

If we include ankle weights to our skipping routine. we will build strength in our legs, and increase the speed we run after we take off the weights. It is also possible to run using our ankle weights to increase the power of our legs, and boost our speed.

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