About Primolut

Primolut N can be described as a manufactured type of progesterone that is naturally occurring female sex hormone. It is also known as a progestogen. It can be used for a variety of purposes. In low doses, it is utilised to stop pregnancy or as a hormone substitute treatment (HRT). Tablets of medium strength (5 mg) like Primolut N or Tolan are prescribed in the treatment of Primolut N especially if they are linked to an endometriosis-relate condition. The higher doses are employe to treat certain cancers of women, like breast cancer.

This leaflet provides information on norethisterone, when it is employ to treat heavy or painful periods that are associate with endometriosis. Endometriosis is a disease in which tissue, which is usually located in the uterus (uterus) is trappy within other areas in the body. This is usually in the pelvic region or the lower abdomen. The result is painful and heavy menstrual cycles. Treatment aims to decrease the pain and loss of blood.

Before taking Primolut N

Certain medicines are not appropriate for patients with certain conditions as well as, sometimes, a medicine should only be take with care. To avoid this, before you begin taking norethisterone it is essential to inform your doctor:

whether you’re nursing a baby or expecting.
If you’ve ever had an accidental blood clot in an artery or vein, or if you have problems with your heart or blood vessels.
If you have epilepsy, diabetes, migraines, hypertension, asthma, or any of the other illnesses mentioned above.
You consume alcohol, have excessive levels of cholesterol, or you are overweight.
You are not alone if you have ever received a cancer diagnosis.

How do you use Primolut N

  • Before beginning the treatment, make sure you read the printed information booklet of the manufacturer in the package. It contains more details about norethisterone, and will give you an exhaustive list of adverse effects you could experience when you take it.
  • Follow the exact dosage of norethisterone as your doctor has instructed you to. It is possible to be instructe to take the tablets on a regular basis every day, or only take them on specific days in your cycle. This information will be display on the label of your box of tablets in order to help you remember it, but if you’re uncertain, consult your pharmacist for guidance.
  • It is normal to consume a tablet 3 times per every day, but your dosage could differ from this.
  • Take the tablets and drink the aid of a glass of water. Norethisterone tablets can be take at any time, either before or after meals.
  • Make sure to take each dose at exact times of the day, which will make it easier for you to remember when to take your doses.
  • If you fail to take your dose at your normal time, you should take it when you can remember it, or until it’s near time to take your next dose , in which case, you should leave out the dose that you miss. Be sure to get your next dose in the time it’s due, however, do not mix two doses to compensate for the miss dose.

Making the most of your treatment

  • Be sure to keep regular appointments with your physician. This is so that your doctor can monitor your development.
  • It is best to avoid becoming pregnant as norethisterone may cause harm to a baby’s development. Utilize barrier contraceptives (such condoms) when you have had sexual relations while taking norethisterone. If you require additional contraceptive recommendations, talk to your physician.
  • If you suffer from diabetes, it is possible that you should check your blood sugar levels more often. Because norethisterone could influence the levels of sugar that are present in blood. Your physician will be competent to guide you on this.
  • If you’re schedule to undergo surgery or medical procedure inform those who are performing the procedure that you are taking norethisterone.

Can norethisterone cause problems?

In addition to their beneficial effects, many medicines have undesirable side-effects, though. They are not all the time experience by everyone. The following table lists the most commonly report side-effects relate to norethisterone. There is a complete listing in the leaflet of information that comes with your medication. The adverse effects can get better as your body adjusts to the new medication but consult your physician or pharmacist. When you experience any of these or become problematic.

How do I conserve Primolut N

  • Keep all medications away from the range and view of children.
  • Store in a cooland dry location, away from light and heat.