How does living through a global pandemic affect people in Illinois? Other than figuring out creative ways to avoid getting sick, living in a state where people are free to use cannabis puts cannabis users in a unique situation. Most clients have a variety of questions. You may wonder how COVID-19 impacts your ability to buy medical marijuana near Highland Park. Many people worry about coming in contact with the virus when they travel to their local dispensary. You may even question how using cannabis could impact your susceptibility to the virus. Read this post for facts about cannabis and the corona virus.

Is Every Medical Marijuana Dispensary Open?

Since the governor declared it, we declare it too! Medical cannabis dispensaries are considered essential businesses in the state of Illinois. They generate revenue and offer an indispensable service for their clients. While we can’t speak for every dispensary in the state, if you’re near Highland Park, you will find a place to buy cannabis. Some dispensaries may adapt their hours and procedures to accommodate the stay-at-home order. It’s always best to call first if you have questions.

Cannabis and Social Distancing

If you live in Illinois, you’re already practicing social distancing. At least we hope that’s the case. Many residents now work from home, and most students are using e-learning to complete their studies. Additional steps you can take will help you do an even better job of social distancing. Try to minimize the number of trips you take away from your home base. That includes trips to the dispensary. If you can, combine grocery shopping with picking up your cannabis. Focus on keeping six feet between you and others who don’t live with you. If possible, place your cannabis order online and request curbside pickup where it’s available. In addition to maintaining distance, keep your cannabis to yourself. That means no sharing!

Cannabis Does Not Prevent Coronavirus

While medical marijuana does relieve symptoms of a wide range of health conditions, it does not prevent you from getting sick if you’re exposed to the corona virus. So far, until we have a vaccine, the only thing standing between you and COVID-19 is social distancing, frequent hand washing, and a robust immune system. That doesn’t mean you can’t use cannabis to help you deal with the anxiety symptoms caused by worrying about the corona virus. Cannabis can help you combat anxiety, insomnia, and even pain and muscle spasms. It just doesn’t prevent the virus from getting you sick.

Dried Cannabis in Glass Jar

Am I Risking My Health by Using Cannabis Right Now?

You’ve likely heard a whole slew of rumors about using marijuana and corona virus. We’ve heard them too. At one point, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) claimed smoking and vaping cannabis could combine with underlying health conditions and put a person at a high risk of contracting the corona virus. The FDA also worried that people using marijuana could put themselves at higher risk for complications if they did get the virus. The newness of corona virus means we don’t have enough research to give definitive answers on whether or how medical marijuana use impacts your risk. So far, using edibles doesn’t seem to have a negative impact. As far as other methods go, it’s best to chat with your doctor or one of the staff at a cannabis dispensary  near Highland Park.

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