Traditional Chinese Medicine achieving the desired effect may also be possible via the use of non-invasive Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques. Medications aren’t the only option for relieving pain. An ache in the neck and shoulders may be rather painful. You may get discomfort in your neck and shoulders if you spend too much time sitting at. A computer or if you push yourself too hard during physical activity. This discomfort, if addressed, has the potential to become chronic and interfere with daily living.

From a TCM perspective, “certain elements inside your body might also provoke neck and shoulder discomfort.”

Lack of qi (sometimes spelled chi) and blood flow is a contributing cause. Dr. that prolonged sitting is bad for your health since it restricts your body’s natural flow of qi and blood. Multiple pathways go between your neck and shoulders to your arms. Shoulder discomfort might be the result of poor blood flow in the neck. Which then travels down the arms and into the shoulders. Stagnation of the channels around the shoulder and neck due to external influences. Such as being directly exposed to air conditioning or a fan, while sleeping, is another possible cause. Finally, an obstruction in your blood flow due to past traumas might also create discomfort in the area.

The value of incorporating TCM into existing pain management

Modern medical research has resulted in a wide range of pain relief solutions. Then why go with TCM?

Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies have been prove to be beneficial in easing pain. Lowering inflammation, speeding recovery, and enhancing range of motion, according to physician Wan.

TCM Pain Management Singapore since Western medical pain experts and TCM doctors collaborated on the therapies. This method incorporates the best of both worlds when it comes to relieving discomfort.

Patients are help by balancing the Yin (internal qi control) and Yang (external physical movement. As practice in Western medicine) of the Yin-Yang paradigm, which the clinic employs (Yang).

To guarantee that its clients are in the best possible condition, the wellness center employs cutting-edge medical testing equipment.

Patient discomfort is monitore in real time using the Skin Conductance Reaction (SCR) test. Which records changes in skin resistance and sweating in response to pain.

The wellness center provides the following therapies to alleviate shoulder and neck pain:


Wan, an MD, believes acupuncture may be successful in reducing inflammation without the risks of pain medications or surgery.

Inflammation may be reduced with acupuncture by causing the pituitary gland to secrete more of the stress hormone cortisol. Further, it has the potential to trigger the release of neuropeptides from peripheral nerve terminals. Which play a key role in the body’s inflammatory response.

Tuina Qi’en Energy

The unique Qi’Nergy Tuina therapy at Singapore Paincare TCM Herbal Medicine Singapore blends. Traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine (WM) to increase qi and blood flow and speed up the healing process. It combines Western techniques like myofascial release and. The use of radiofrequency energy with the Eastern practice of tuina massage and meridian acupoints. The radiofrequency radiation’s electrical heat and kinetic energy may permeate deeper into your tissues than massage alone. Allowing for more effective relaxation and faster healing of torn tendons and muscles.

Iontophoresis of Herbs

Doctor Wan adds that “Herb Iontophoresis” is a novel foot-soaking therapy that blends Eastern herb formulations with the Western therapeutic approach of iontophoresis, which transports herb components through the skin by delivering a moderate electric current through water to improve herb absorption.

Tcm Postnatal Massage Singapore  TCM Postnatal Massage Singapore  provides three different pre-selected herb therapies to help with pain-related concerns with sleep, vitality, and immunity.

In order to strengthen the immune system, Herb Ionto Immunity is use. You may calm your mind and get a good night’s sleep with the aid of Herb Ionto Sleep Harmony. Also, Herb Ionto Energy aids in increasing vitality and concentration.


Doctor Wan says that cupping helps with inflammation, discomfort, and stress because it increases circulation throughout the body. Chinese Cupping Singapore according to Western physiology, has benefits including increased blood flow and reduced muscle tension.

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