In the 1970s, the first video game was launched. At that time, the commands that controlled the game were given through the keyboard. The games developing today are based on two technologies, i.e., virtual reality and augmented reality. But what is the difference between these technologies? How do these technologies impact the future of gaming? Continue with this blog to know the answers to these questions!

What Is Virtual Reality Gaming?

Replacing the real world complete with the digital one is virtual reality. It facilitates creating a world that looks and feels real. Through simulated games, virtual reality has taken a leap forward in the entertainment industry. So, you can say that virtual reality gaming is the new generation of computer games that comprise virtual reality technology. These games let the players immerse themselves completely in the game, and they feel that the characters are working around them in reality.

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With virtual reality accessories and gaming devices such as sensor-equipped gloves, VR headsets, hand controllers, and many more, the player can get a sense of 3D movie theatre. They also influence and experience the gaming environment. These accessories transport you to a fully-digital world and conceal the real world. These games are played on a standalone system with game consoles.

What Are the Different Types of VR Games?

Today, you can find a wide variety of VR games easily. There are many individuals or online VR games available in the market. Some VR games let you experience the physical combat environment. On the other hand, you can enjoy racing and acrobatic flying in some video games, just like the environment.
There are many games where you need to solve puzzles in which you can move objects or explore new places. Such games can be played individually or with others. VR-ready gaming towers PC and VR gaming laptops are extensively popular platforms. However, some VR games depend on the assessment device they use.
Some different types of VR games are given below:

  1. VR games on laptops and PCs:

These components are advanced enough to let you play today’s popular VR games. These games are played on high-end computers that offer you the most advanced VR environment and game suggestions.

  1. VR games on game consoles:

They are similar to VR games that are played on PCs. However, these games only work with some specific game consoles. You can experience the game with such an immersive feeling that you never feel before with these game consoles.

  1. VR games on smartphones:

Some smartphone manufacturers have designed VR headsets for players to enjoy VR gaming on mobile. There are many excellent VR games accessible to players who are smartphone users.

What Are Virtual Reality Gaming Accessories?

If you can manipulate the virtual environment and can see the objects from a first-person viewpoint, in that case, you can find VR gaming full of excitement. Unlike regular video games, VR games often give their players a feeling of seeing the actions directly from the character’s point of view.
For this unique playability and perspective, players require some specialised VR accessories. These accessories can translate the virtual environment into the real-life environment on the screen.

Some VR gaming accessories are described below:

  1. VR gaming goggles and headsets:

You need to wear VR gaming headsets while playing them. It is one of the important accessories of VR games. These headsets are implanted with stereoscopic lenses. These lenses help in distorting the image in the games into 3D figures that look real. VR goggles are more simple than VR headsets. They merely display the replicated 3D game environment.

  1. VR game controllers:

They are used to translate the players’ physical actions into gaming acts. Similar to traditional video games, many VR games use hand-based controllers for many actions. Some other advanced VR games use motion detectors or controllers to feel your real-time activities and rejuvenate these activities into the games.

  1. VR gaming gloves:

These sensor-equipped gloves bring virtual reality games to a new level. Although VR motion detectors can percept your whole body movements, VR gaming gloves can detect even your minute finger or hand movements. It lets the developers create VR games to a new level. Players can pick up any small items or objects with these new-generation games.


Apart from the accessories mentioned earlier, you can use particular mice and pointing devices with accelerators and steering wheels for racing games. Even these days, treadmills are available in the market with VR technology. They can sense and transmit your walking or running speed and distance.
As the value of VR gaming is increasing, many gaming hub have now opened. These hubs are like a magical world that is crafted with technology. You can get a world-class multi-player gaming experience at these stations. So, why don’t you try them once?