The fully immersive VR gaming is a great place to dive into the fantasy world. The players can utilise the opportunity to work on their expertise in the game or challenge their friends for fun. Virtual reality gaming offers a variety to keep you from getting bored.

What is Here to Let You Escape from the Real World?

VR gaming offers you multiple options, some of these are as follows:

● Epic Scale-Free Roaming

Associated with zero latency, players can enjoy the game with multiple friends and strangers. Furthermore, you can experience the highly advanced Free Roam Technology in various games such as Farcry VR: Dive into insanity, singularity, soloraiders, zombie survival and outbreak origins.

Let the name don’t distract you. The concepts of these games are Go ‘Sol’ searching, fighting, shooting, investigating in a secret mission, etc. To prepare for the game, there is a gaming kit containing a backpack, a gun and a Virtual Reality headset. The particulars of games are briefed after entering the wide Zero Latency Area offered for free movement.

The player chooses to take up one-to-one games or play as a team. The games last from 20 to 30-minute sessions and are suitable for any age group. These games involve limited physical movements, thus, avoiding unnecessary exhaustion of players.

● Virtual Reality Bays

For people loving adventure and looking for an adrenaline rush, the World Class VR Bay will teleport you to the future. With up-to-date software and technology, players experience different and unique exposure in every game.

The games interest all ages, and the smooth VR gaming controllers let you decide the next move. Players must use their minds and body to win among different choices of Beat Saber, A-10 VR, armed against the undead, fancy skiing and fruit ninja VR.

● Golf Simulator

Now players can play Golf without perfect weather. With real experience and the option to choose among numerous golf courses, the love for the sport will never compromise. In addition, the best simulation technology will make you feel at the course with birds chirping sound, a detailed view, and a strong grip and focus.

The soundproof room does not distract you from external noises. The simulator will let you hear winds and heartbeat. It also ensures notice of colours that take off the interest.

Also, look at the golf courses offered to you from the corner of the Earth. Pebble Beach Golf Links, The Original Championship Course, Blackwolf Run, The Ocean Course, Kiawah Island Golf Resorts, The Straits Whistling Straits, The Old Course, St Andrews and a lot more.

● Car Simulator

If you are a fan of fast-speed driving and have won all the car racing games, experience it now in our VR gaming. We offer a hydraulic system to let you experience each detailed movement of racing tracks, including all the twists and turns.

The combo of three screens and the view of the car of choice transports the player to a real car. You can choose the environment among Kart Chaser-The Boost VR, Assetto Corsa Competizione (series game), Radia-G, Dirt4 and Project Cars.

● The Teleport Bay

It lets you travel and feel your favourite destination. Choose 360 stories if you are more than 12 years old. Listen to people, and feel nature with urban and natural landscapes. With Foodie 360 look Chef Christine Cushing performing her art on food, stroll through Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Horseshoe bend will teleport you to America’s Grand Canyon. Do what you always wanted in the air. Take dangerous turns near the cliff and over the Colorado River by physically being at the gaming arena. Also, travel to Venice with Smithsonian Journeys.


Virtual gaming is separate from augmented reality gaming. Gamers to practise their gaming skills or challenge their buddies for pleasure.wait? Play VR games with your friends to experience the rush of adrenaline!